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Interesting Fact!!! Part 2


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This is a bit of a follow-on thread to Surfhunny's 'Interesting Fact!!!' thread of a few days ago: http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/202819-interesting-fact.html

It's something I've been thinking about on and off for a while now. If you weren't in a tearing hurry to lose weight (LOL, I'm always in a hurry - that's why I've been on a diet for, ooh, twenty-odd years, maybe more :rolleyes:), you could actually get to the weight you want to be by reducing your calories to the number of calories required to maintain your weight at the weight you'd like to be.

For example, to stay at 10 stones exactly, I would need to take in 1736 calories a day (if I didn't increase my activity level - if I did, I could probably up that a bit).

If you want to work out your requirements, try this calculator here: Estimated Calorie Requirements

So if I started eating 1736 calories a day now (at my current weight of 199 pounds) that would create a calorie deficit that would lead to me losing weight... painfully slowly, of course, but it would happen.

Of course, as I lost weight, that calorie deficit would become smaller because I wouldn't need as many calories to maintain my smaller self, so the rate of weight loss would get slower and slower. I'd lose the first stone or so in about 160 days (yep, it would take a while :D), the second stone after another 200 days, the third stone after another 280 days...).

So okay, it'd take a long time (that's nearly 2 years to lose 3 stones). The last stone would take maybe another 2 years...

But how long have I been on a diet, LOL? Or rather, on and off a diet? :eek:

You know, I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that you should eat for the body you want to have, not the body that you've got. This rather proves the point, doesn't it?

Not to mention that by the time you got to goal, you'd be an expert at maintenance... :D :D
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