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interesting read...?


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Hi there
Well not sure how good it is, but the 'latest' diet craze is about to hit the UK.
The dukan diet apparently is the way the French women stay thin, hmmm...prob works but then maintainence is the 'problem'

and before anyone says anything, yes i do realise its from the daily mail..so how reliable it is is anyone's guess


What did interest me was the ideal weight calculator on the website.
you answer several questions about yourself and it come up with your real ideal weight

couldn't resist trying it and I come out 9 stone 7

It asks for bone size and how many pregnancies, family history etc

I was really surprised by this as on other calculators its approx 7 stone - 8.5 stone.

This gives me a bmi of just over 25 which makes me 'overweight'

however, at that weight I actually feel OK and it feels about right - less feels unmanageable - so I was quite pleased

- have a go and tell me what you think!

daisy x
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We have a member on minimins that does the dukan diet :)

She did very well on it too :)


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S: 12st6lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28 Loss: 1st12lb(14.94%)
what do you reckon to it KD? I know you are a bit of an expert on the different diets and theories behind them


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Well...strange this may seem, but it wasn't one I explored too much, mainly because it was in a foreign language when I looked and Google translate got boring LOL

Joanne seemed to enjoy it though...but then she lives in France and speaks French, so it probably made more sense to her :D

I guess the only reservation I would have would be whether it was difficult to do unless they translated it well enough to suit UK foods. Much of what she was eating just isn't easily available over here.

I often find when international diets come to the UK, they aren't suitably translated in terms of foods to eat, to make it easy to do. I don't know whether that'll be the case with this one.

The member from here doing it is Maintainer

If you want to know more, I'm sure she'd be delighted to answer questions. I think she got kinda lonely here being the only one on the diet. She's lovely though and has recently been visiting again :)

Belle Bee

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Hmm sounds interesting.

I did my ideal weight - apparently it was 12st 1lb - my goal is 11st, so I was quite surprised.

You never know, it might be right, I'll let you know when I get to 12st 1lb whether it was correct or not! I'm not sure, I think I may still be a bit flabby at that weight, but I've not been that weight for awhile, so it'll be interesting to see.
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Hi ladies, it seems the UK book is due out in early May. I've ordered it on Amazon and may well give it a go.


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I pre-ordered mine last week and it arrived within days - well ahead of the publishing date.

I like the way it is written and there is a lot of logic and common sense in his explanations. His theory that the body 'remembers' your weight rings particularly true with me.

It is basically a diet that relies on your body being in ketosis and is similar to Atkins, minus the fat. I can't tolerate high fat content in food (although looking at my backside you would never believe that!) so this is suiting me just fine. Having done both Cambridge and Exante I am comfortable with the low carb approach.

The initial stage is severe - pure, fat free protein and nowt else - but that is very short, a maximum of 10 days and from there on it is a low carb protein and veg diet, alternating with pure protein days on whatever rotation suits you.

The foods are basic stuff and easy to get hold of. The only 'special' item required is oat bran which is allegedly available in supermarkets, but I bought it in Holland and Barratt and at £1.20, it did not break the bank!

Once at goal, carbs are reintroduced in moderation and you maintain this phase for 5 days for every lb lost, with the theory that your body will take this long to remember your new weight. The main rule in this phase is to have one pure protein day per week.

So, after a week in Hastings drinking and eating fish and chips I started this the Monday before last (minus the book), faffed a bit last weekend and went back into to first stage this week with book and a better understanding of what I was supposed to be doing (or not doing, as was the case).

The result (drumroll please) 14lbs off :D. If I told you I was happy, that would be something of an understatement.

I am introducing veggies this weekend and looking forward to it more than I expected to!

If anyone wants to know anything else, feel free to ask and I will attempt to keep updating my losses (bit of positive thinking there!)


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Sounds really interesting, I might buy the book, although I don't need to loose anymore weight it sounds like it might be a good way of maintaining.



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Does sound really interesting - thanks Daisy and also Amber for the info - I've just ordered the book from Amazon as it definitely sounds like something I could work with.

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