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interesting.why could we get fat?


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Why Don't The French Get Fat? - Articles
A good link above.

Well I think this makes sense! There is another article that I cant seem to c&p that tells you the dangers of eating sweeteners. They did a trial with 2 groups of rats . One of them had a high sugar diet, the other group had a high sweetener one. After some time they gave them a high carb diet and all the rats on the previous sweetener diet gained twice as much weight as the rats on a sugar diet. Apparently they had lost their 'off switch' and didn't recognise when they were full.
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Deb G

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Since I've been on RTM I have actually HEARD my body saying "Stop I'm full" for the first time in my life! And I'm making sure I listen too!!
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Apparently they had lost their 'off switch' and didn't recognise when they were full.
I am still one of those rats!! :(

... or maybe it's that I DO recognise when I'm full but keep on troughing anyway.
That's really interesting!!!

When I started stabilisation plans I knew when I was full, this was a great experience for me as before I'd lost weight I thought I had a serious problem with never feeling full, I could eat and eat:eek: normally until I felt sick:eek:

I never ate any processed foods on the plans, it was all fresh and cooked from scratch, as my maintenance progressed I started getting lazy and introducing a few ready meals into my diet again, and then the problems started all over. I didn't feel full and the binges crept back into my life:(

This week I have just lived on fresh foods again, lots of stirfrys and the like no ready made foods at all and guess what, I haven't had a binge:)

Thanks for posting this Nikki. I've had a hard time the past month or so and am looking into different ways to help myself. Reading his has been great:D



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I do find that my weight reflects how many calories I eat, but what I eat is one of the deciding factors as to whether I can keep within a reasonable range.

BTW, I'm a bit of a sceptic when it comes to the aspartame thing. There is plenty of conflicting research. Not that I'm a fan of that, or splenda. I try to keep things as natural as possible, because that works for me.

As for the French women don't get Fat. Yep..sceptic of that too :D

Perhaps they don't, but the book gives the impression that they stay slim naturally, when perhaps they stay slim because they make sure they do :D

Interesting article here
French women do too get fat. - By Kate Taylor - Slate Magazine


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Thats a great read! I'm a great lover of these sorts of arguements. Yours has certainly put a spin on mine, but it makes sense. Even in the UK how many of us sit down to family meals anymore? I know we do 95% of the time, but according to my children they are in the small minority who do. Not many people cook 100% from scratch either, and now Delia is telling us 'how to cheat in the kitchen'. I guess we are cheating ourselves if we use processed stuff all the time. Its a bit like the Dr Spock books back in the 60's. His info was also dated even then, and was still selling books into the mid 70's. Perhaps the only way around it is to take a step backwards and live like we used to, or embrace todays culture and our fuller figures and all the health problems that go with it!

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