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Internal Battles

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by pandora, 16 May 2007 Social URL.

  1. pandora

    pandora finding my way again !

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    i am having major internal battles going on at the moment.
    If you look at my ticker you will see i am 2 stone off goal & there lies the source of the battle !:eek:
    when i started on this journey, my aim was to get to 12st, but then i got caught up in the excitment of it all & changed my goal to 11 stone (bear in mind i am 5ft 5ins).
    at 12st i thought i would be a size 14 & therefore a size 12 at 11st.
    now as i get nearer the end of my journey i am looking at the lifetime picture, the last time i was 11st i was in my early 20's, b4 i had children & even then i struggled to stay there, but i was out boozing every weekend.
    Obviously having had children my body shape has changed, but i wonder if i shall struggle at 11st & if so is it really worth it for the sake of 1 dress size.
    If it wasn't for my flabby belly, i would be fairly happy with how i am now, but then i am the only one who sees that & in clothes it doesn't look too bad.
    The other battle is, having eaten i am struggling to get back on form, & am wondering about other eating plans for the rest of the journey ???
    I will be spending this weekend with the wonderfull Jennie (FFnFish) Karen (1972) & Sarah (westiegirl) & so hopefully will be able to thrash it out with people who understand & clear my head a bit !!
    xx :)
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  3. debz32

    debz32 Gold Member

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    WOW - you have done soo well !!

    I guess you have to do what feels right for YOU...sorry if that's not much help....:rolleyes: perhaps you could go on 790 or 1000 and at least them you could have a meal...and probably continue to lose weight as you go...hopefully then your body will 'settle' at the weight that's right for you :)

    good luck hun....and have a FAB weekend with the girls ! where you off to ?

  4. sallies

    sallies Full Member

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    cambridge diet
    :) I fully understand where you are coming from. I would now be fully happy if it wasnt for my flabby belly. I had hoped to get to a size 10 but find im anything in size 12 - 14 with just over a stone to go. I have tried to ss again but it makes me feel ill. Ive decided to stick to 790 and then back on to a 1000 and try to lose more slowly now. Hope that helps a bit for you.
  5. Russiandoll

    Russiandoll Carpe diem

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    Cambridge Weight Plan - Step 1
    It's terribly difficult to set a meaningful 'goal' at the beginning of our journeys when we've got a lot to lose isn't it. I've set mine at 10st because I remember being about a size 14 then buth that was 20+ years ago and, like you, my body has changed a great deal thanks to five pregnancies.

    I don't REALLY know what I'll be like at 10st. It's probably very wise to keep assessing and re-assessing where we are and how we feel en route.

    I remember meeting a woman at a slimming club once - her face was so thin she looked gaunt and unhealthy. I asked her if she was maintaining but she said no - she still had 5lb to go to reach goal. She was obviously wearing blinkers because she was doggedly chasing that goal no matter what. She could have done with a good pie!

    Only you know how you feel ... if you want to lose the last few pounds via a more leisurely route then it would be better to switch to one of the other plans and cruise to where you want to be :)
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