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Introducing me!

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Hey guys im Jem I'm 24 & I'm a single mum of 3 year twin boys ... I've struggled with my weight since forever, was always the 'chubby kid' although looking back on pictures I wasn't really that big - kids can be so cruel!

I am now at my biggest ever, I'm even bigger now than what I was when I just had my boys 3 years ago, I really want more children in the near future but not whilst I'm this big and I've booked us a holiday to weymouth again next year so I have 44/45 weeks to lose as much as I can! I am not on any particular diet I'm just going to try eating less ( as I do enjoy 'healthy' foods etc anyway) and exercise, what I want to know is any exercises I can do at home, I have a few dvds which I can flit between but I get bored easy and give up to easy hence me getting to this weight! I can't go out to the gym etc as I always have my boys with me, so my time to exercise needs to be when they go to bed, but what can I do to help change my exercise routines and give me something different to do?
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Welcome Jem! I regularly get bored with the DVD s too! I find playing with the kids always gets me going, take them out and play football, races etc. Use them as motivation to get fit and shape up! My 11 yr old dd drags me out every few days for a walk! I hate disappointing her, so encourages me! Good luck!
C: 22st0lb G: 14st0lb
it just gets a little boring sticking a dvd on doesn't it ..

because of my weight I don't really do all the really fun energetic stuff with my boys which I'd love to because when I do they both tell me they love it when I played with them like that, there is a field just down the road from me and I wish I had the confidence to go there every evenining with them before their bedtime no doubt it would wear me out and them lol!
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thankyou :)

i do walk alot everywhere as I don't drive, however it's always at a slow pace as I'm always with my boys who are just 3 and don't walk very fast.. this is why I need help on what exercises I can do around the house to swap and change my routines to stop me from getting bored when they are both in bed


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There's nothing stopping you from exercising in the day..I have 2 boys, and I manage ok. Why don't you all go for a nice walk together, a bike ride? Play a few games of football? Kids like to exercise and jump around so maybe get them involved... running on the spot, hopping see he can do the most jumping jacks?

Make a game out of it, and they'll enjoy it. Do you have a wii? I think you'd benefit with cardio, and walking is a great way to start off, get some dvds :) maybe see if you can get an exercise bike..you're limited to what you can do within your house.

There's no reason why you can't take your kids to the field and kick a ball about, I've been your weight and more and it never stopped me from making the most of my kids, I admit it was harder but we still played...grab a ball and off you go ;)


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C: 22st0lb G: 14st0lb
thanks for the replies, great help ta ... i am limited to what I can do in the days apart from the school holidays as I work in my twins school as a teaching assistant so really it's only the evenins I have free, and I'm a stickler for starting something for so long and if my routine changes i give up totally, which is why id prefer to do something in the evening as i can exercise every night for definite ... my only problem is becoming bored with the dvds and lacking in willpower and because of boredom and being lonely etc I'll sit and eat instead of doing my exercises, im my own worst enemy i know and its only me who can stop it but after looking back on all my photos the other day with my mum and looking at recent photos now I need to stop making silly excuses all the time and just get off my behind and do it and not blame it on willpower etc

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