Introducing Yambabe


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Hi everyone.

I'm Jo, I'm 46 years old, I'm from Cheshire and I'm currently short and fat.

Started exante on Sunday so I will mostly be hanging around in that subforum but may well pop in to see what the rest of you are up to on occasion as well.

I'm a book-keeper by profession, with my own business. For fun I ride motorbikes. :) I have one son aged 24 who (finally!) left home last year, and a partner who thinks that a balanced diet is a pie in each hand. :D

Look forward to getting to know some of you over the coming months.
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Belle Bee

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and a partner who thinks that a balanced diet is a pie in each hand. :D

That made me laugh :D

I'm on LighterLife, I'm fairly new but this forum seems very good, everyone is supportive. It's great reading round the posts, I love the success stories.

I also own my own business (photography) and I'm 30.

Hope you have a good time looking round and meeting people!

Mumma K

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hello and welcome reading your introduction I could have sworn it was me you were introducing lol
good luck on your weight loss journey


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A pie in each hand - i know some people like that lol!
Good luck on your diet!


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Hya :welcome2:
I like the idea that a balanced diet is 2 pies lol


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Hey welcome.... great intro!!

I ride a Yam too :D