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    Hi I'm Becki I'm 24, married to my lovely DH and have two boys aged 4yrs and nearly 2! And I'm pregnant with baby number 3 who is a little surprise! Due in June!

    Well iv made about a million diaries on here over the time iv been a member,
    Did really well last pregnancy and managed to only gain 1st total and it was gone within ten days! I did have hyperemesis though and was sick throughout so probably why.

    I'm 25 weeks now and iv gone from 13.4 to 15.9! I have been struggling trying to calorie count and still gaining but seems to have settled slightly now. I'm 5'9 and carry my weight well so I'm still wearing mostly a size 14 and some 16.

    15.9 is the most iv ever weighed it was the weight I was when I first started dieting after having my oldest son!

    I used mfp to figure out my calorie goal and to maintain I need 2540cals a day which I rarely get to, so in the last week iv lost 1lb

    Hoping I can keep my gain to no more than another 7lbs which is 1/2lb a week til 39 weeks when I'll be having a c section!

    Hope this diary will keep me motivated!
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    Hi, congratulations on your pregnancy. You may find your weight evens out a bit now but try not to stress about it too much x

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