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involuntary skipping a meal


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Its only my first day and Ive really stuck to my guns. Had Butterscotch for brekky, soup for lunch, endless water (although I am SS+ and had fish and brosccoli for tea - yum!). The trouble is I just couldnt fit another shake in tonight. Im full to the top.
Will I suffer as a consequence?
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well really you have to have all the shakes to get the correct nutrients your body needs so if you can try to get it down if not can i have it !!!!!!!!!!!!!lol


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I wouldnt say so for one day, but I wouldnt make it a regular occurence - try drinking a little less water maybe (just not less than the recommended 2.25L of course) and try and sneak it in somewhere - you could half one of the packs too which might help?


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thanks girls, will think of how i can fit it in


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Why don't you try making your 3rd shake into a muffin in the microwave and have it with a black coffee. The toffee & walnut makes a passable impression of a cake and it feels like a real treat - they're only tiny, so even if you're full up, you'll still manage it.

Val x


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On days where I know I won't be able to stomach another shake I mix two together and see if I can create a new flavour!

At the moment I'm loving toffee nut hot chocolate a la starbucks!


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WOW! Can I make a muffin in week 1? I thought I had to liquify everything.
Loving your help, peeps

Serena A

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Well, technically you're not supposed to cook any of the packs at all (apart from the porridge) as it destroys the nutrients, although I'm guessing that having a nuked pack is better than no pack at all. Check out the recipe thread (in the main stickys section) for ideas. I know a lot of people can't get the muffin to turn out right but maybe you could use a savoury pack to make the crisps/poppadom as that's not very filling either (not for me anyway). Chicken and mushroom flavour if you have it is great for crisps.

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