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Ipad users? - recommend?

Having reached my new year target, and surpassed my own expectations, I have promised myself a suitable reward.

It was going to be a laptop as mine is out of date, but I might keep that one on hold until later in the year.

I have Ipod Classic (160gb) Ipod Touch (16gb) and Iphone 4. There seems a certain logic to completing the set.


Do I wait to hear of the new and improved Ipad (without the bugs and foibles of the first one) or can any Ipad users give good reason NOT to get one?

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Oh Steve - there's no logic to completing the set, you just want Apple's new toy!!

A few of my friends have got them and aren't particularly impressed, they said they're just the same as the iphone 4 and now they've got them they can't see the point.

Be honest with yourself, do you want one because you actually want to play on a giant iphone whilst you're on your sofa, or do you just want to have the newest Apple gadget?

I know i'm not saying what you want to hear, but nobody else was going to say it!!!

Alternatively, use the money and treat yourself to a holiday!
I have to admit I dont see the point in having the full set, not when you have the apps etc on the iphone and itouch but then I know men look at these things very differently to us girls ;)

I have to admit I only know a couple of people who have ipads who after all the hype were a bit disapointed with it.

Our resident 'geek' at work is desperate for one but is waiting til another model comes out as he says the first ones are never great

Personally Id rather have a notebook or new lap top :)
I'd go for the laptop too ;) I find the IPad really difficult to type on and that's a problem when you use forums! Mine just about lives at my niece's house now and I've gone back to the trusty netbook which I can take anywhere with me as well!
Thanks girls! Jenny, you know me so well! - yet I agree that could apply to any bloke. I do agree the Ipad will be useless without 3g/wireless. Newer laptops are much lighter, better battery life and better capacity etc. my last one cost £1000 - that was a long time ago!

I think it makes more sense to go for the new laptop. I'm lucky enough to be going to Florida in both May 2011 and September 2011 but can use the laptop from over there (free wifi in the September one).

Good old woman's logic over mans gadgetry.

Lesley, I have a netbook - it is very good, but unfortunately let down by having no backlit keys, so not good in poor or low-light (I can't touch-type).
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I would also choose the laptop, I love my iphone to bits, its never out of reach lol... and think the Ipad would annoy me because it wont fit into my pocket lol

Although saying that, I am very rarely on the laptop either since using iphones!

How about treating yourself to a break away, or concert :)
You all seem so knowledgable! I need to buy a laptop. Have been using one that was given to me as it was "too old"

I havnt got a clue what to buy, went to shops today and panic!!

I don't have a lot of money and don't need anything fancy

Can anyone advise me please? Would really appreciate it

I don't need anything fancy, just Internet and Microsoft office programmer
Won't be playing games on it. Was told by someone that to buy all the software - office and anti virus will cost a fortune
My old trusty was fine but is now riddled with viruses - are they repairable? Can't access files on it that I really wanted to keep
sometimes you can clear them - can you boot the computer in safe mode? If you can then download malwarebytes antimalware and do a full scan with that -it's free and has picked up a few viruses that other products miss. Use the link and click on the blue 'download free version' button


You can get a lot of software free. Open Office is a free version of Microsoft Office and is fully compatible with it so you can open and read docs etc. There are lots of antispyware and antivirus programmes about that are free and have really good reviews - some of them are marked higher than some of the well known expensive ones too!
Nothing will open
Load of error messages
And hundreds of things put in virus chest

Thanks for the advice
If I have problems that I can't sort out myself I usually post in the techie bit of moneysavingexpert.com there's a guy in there who's sorted me out every time. You'll have to be a bit more specific for them though ;) They'll ask you to run programmes and post the logs up for them to see but it's worth the time and energy if you can clean it and access your files again. I would be tempted to give it a go before taking it for repair - I've read too many stories where some of the bigger dealers have just formatted the drives and lost everything anyway!
What's your budget DaisyBank? What will you be using it for? I've used this site before - it's not far from me so I can go collect but i've never had any problems with the things I've bought and neither have friends I've recommended it to :)

Maximus - you might want to have a look as well - they've got some 4GB for under £300 ! :)

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Thanks for the link - The Acer is the one I have chosen - from another site, but similar - criteria was I3 processor, Windows 7, 4gb RAM & HDMI output (straight from internet to 40in TV for football streaming - it's a blokey thing lol) - All for £379.99 delivered.
Check out these guys...

Buy Cheap online from Morgan Computers

I got my lovely Dell notebook from here a few short months ago when my laptop gave up the ghost for <£200. Can speak with a human and the techies really know their stuff so be guided by them. Take a name cos if you're anything like me stuff comes into your head as soon as you put the phone down:eek:

I too nearly parted with 90 notes for MSOffice = I guess if you are programming you will need the package - the techie at Morgan redirected me to OpenOffice.org and saved my hard earned pennies.

Happy shopping:D
Ooh stop press....

It's all on hold. Apparently a lot of people are telling me I simply have to have a Mac instead of a laptop. Need to find out more if I'm to spend double!

Hmmm.. back to Apple I see
Well at least with Mac's you're less likely to get viruses on it, as they're all written for windows programmes.

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