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Irish eyes says OOOps

:break_diet:Big slip yesterday, :cry:I asked for your advice re visiting my old friend that I hadnt seen for years and as predicted she had the table groaning with every delight known to man and deserts and treats for me and my children.:eat::eat::eat::eat::eat::eat: There was no way I could mention diets as Ive only been on it a week and rightly or wrongly it would have hurt her feelings with all the effort she made when I hadnt seen her for three years.:flowers: I admired and had little bits of everything and plan to be my target weight LONG before I see her again. The day has funnily made me even more determined to do this challenge than ever :whip:so please forgive and hopefully understand my slip as I promised you all on this web I would be totally honest and I havent even been that with myself in the past about my weight so surely thats a good step?? Maria :break_diet::needhug:xx
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Hi you don't need anyone to forgive you, it's you your doing this for, if it's going to work for you you'll need to change your mindset to plan for life not diet, Ive been to meals out many times and have saved points and had little so I'd stay on track as this is what it's about working your healthy new life into every day things.
Glad you had a nice time xx


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Well a positive outcome came of it, you being more determined! So dont worry to much! As for being honest with yourself - big step! I used to lie to myself all the time, and then i realised it was doing more harm than good! So ive definatly learnt to become more honest with myself! Im glad you enjoyed your day, its always good catching up with old friends! & dont beat yourself up too much over the minor slip! xx

miss bee

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hey maria:)
sounds like you did really well actually.you could have had big bits of everything!!
and if it's spurred you on,then thats a good thing:)
either way,here's a big hug for you:hug99:
just to remind you that we're here for you,and we all know that you will be lots smaller by the next time you see your lovely friend.
just imagine how happy she'll be for you:)
i have news for you too,first wi today,and i've lodt 3 lbs,yay!!:D
onwards and downwards for us!!xx
Liz that is excellent news .You must be so pleased and Yes I dont regret my slip and also glad it was a day after my weigh in so gives me a chance to be good for the rest of the week. How are you feeling in general? are there any particular times that is a danger time? I find that between 7 and 10pm is mine so last night I started to crotchet a baby shawl in light blue and didnt even think of food and no Im not really old but was taught in Ireland by Nuns who believed all little girls should know how to crotchet their babies a shawl (which came in handy as I had six babies) so if anyone out there is expecting a little boy please let me know and i would be delighted to send it when its done. Maria x
Thanks Kelz it great to have your support and its true about the honesty thing as if I did sneak something it didnt get written and therefore had no points but Ive learned that lesson:) Maria x


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Hi Maria, it doesn't sound as though you were too bad! You said you had little bits of everything and not big bits of everything! I think size102b made a good point, WW is a plan for life, it's not about denying yourself of everything. When your's WI day, have you got a few days to claw back some points?

miss bee

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thanks maria:D
yes i am feeling well chuffed!
i feel really ready for this.
and having the support of you guys on here is brilliant.i think it's got to do with the honesty that you were talking about.it's just so refreshing to be able to talk about my weight issues so candidly without feeling really embarrased or ashamed of myself or whatever.i dont feel like i'm doing it all by myself,it's a great feeling!
i am the same as you too maria,my danger time is the evening,especially after the kids have gone to bed(just the two kiddles for me:))
i know half my battle is just not having the junk foods in the house of a night time,then even if i get a bit bingey,it has to be something a bit healthier.
so at the mo it's mostly about keeping my head right at shopping time,and so far so good:)long may it continue!
Little question for you Liz... How come you have loads of rep power?:confused: I dont mean that you shouldnt have I mean how does it happen and is it a posting thread thing or does it just happen?:rolleyes:I agree with your e -mail , its not easy to be so open in real life and think that all too often overweight people are judged as less intelligent because somehow we havent worked out how to be slim. Im guilty of reading the very magazines that critisize those who have gained, lost and then regained whilst eating minstrels and maltesers in a large bowl and thinking well there is not much point in losing it cos I will only gain it back (munch munch munch) but there is only so much of that you can do before you realise that the toll to eating like that and thinking like that is suddenly resembling the large life buoy from the titantic and its now around the once very slim waist that used to wear pepe jeans slim fit. Its wonderful coming on here and sharing that kind of honesty so Thank you for being there and hope the end of my journey has us both in our skinny jeans:) Maria xx

miss bee

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hi maria:)
i'm not 100% sure on the rep thing,i think it's if you think the post is usefull,informative or helpful in some way,you click on the little scales symbol inbetween the circle and the exclamation mark(bottom left),and you can add to the persons rep,a little box comes up and you can enter a little message saying why you liked the post.there's also a thanks button on the bottom right,when you want to say thanks to someone for their post.
i dont know if you're able to use both before you have 50 posts yourself,but you are nearly there now!!!
hope you had a good night:)


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Falling off the horse isn't the defeat, it's not getting right back up on straight away or staying off that the problem xxx

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