Problems with weight, body and appetite. Please help


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Hi everybody. I'm 25 years old male. I need your advice or so that you would point me to the right place with my problems.

So first thing is my belly, it doesn't seem right. I'm 179cm tall and I weight 67kg at the moment, so I'm not fat and personally I count myself as a slim person. I'm not proud of it because I want to gain weight but it seems impossible for me now. And my problem is my belly as it seems like it's fat and for me it's seems sometimes like I'm pregnant (gosh!) :D and a bit of reminds me of bellies of the African kids who are starving, although I don't starve, no.
I actually had this belly since I was... !15! and then my weight was 58kg and sometimes people were telling me that I'm fat, my belly is fat but it didn't bothered me much as I was so skinny that my bones could be seen very well and I was more concerned about how to gain weight.

I've actually read once on the internet that it may be like some sort of illness and the belly can be restored with the appropriate diet. So do you guys know something about it? Here, I've made a video of myself just today:

I'm not pushing my belly out here, I'm standing as usual and just breathing. I've asked my doctor about my belly and she said that it looks perfectly normal. What? Really???

Ok. Second problem is my appetite. It's hard for me to live without sweets. Usually I eat 4 times a day and after a normal meal I eat minimum of 1 bun and 1 bar of chocolate, but that's the minimum, I usually also add some candies. and until I don't eat the sweets - I feel hungry all the time. Few days ago I've started to exclude sweets and eat more fruits and vegetables but I feel very hungry...

Please guys, can you help? Do you know what should I do? Maybe there is some sort of diet to stop eating lots of sweets and not to be hungry? And also to make my belly normal?
I just want to quit eating sweets as I've been suggested to do this by my dentist and also I just think that sweets are adding to my belly size.

Or if you don't have answers, maybe you can tell me where else I can ask about it on the internet? Or what specialist should I refer to in real life?

Thank you :)
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I am not a doctor or a healthcare professional, but, I can see you are slim, just have a belly you don't much like. Without any further information on your diet or drinking habits, I can't really give you an answer. It could be a buildup of visceral fat - which can happen in anyone (no matter their size) given particular things they eat (mostly carbs I think). It could also be due to something like IBS or general intolerance to something. I'd suggest maybe giving a low-carb diet a go, like Atkins, so plenty of meat and fish, but no carbs except for some vegetables. After the first week on a low-carb diet your cravings for sweets will diminish somewhat (sugar is addictive afterall!). Give that a go for 2-3 weeks and see how it feels then. You could also go to the doctor to assess if you are intolerant to lactose or gluten to see if that is a contributing factor. Maybe have your liver tested to see how it's functioning, maybe there's the start of fatty liver disease going on which makes it have to work that much harder.

Good luck. :)