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Irritable bowel syndrome :(


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Well iv been in pain with my stomach ever since i came home from hols :(
when ever i eat something i get bad stomach pains, i put up with it for 3 weeks but decided it wasnt gonna get better so off to the doc i went!
He reckons i hav irritable bowel syndrome, i had it when i was a child but hadnt suffered in years! So now im on 4 sets of tablets a day and some powdery crap to help me go to the loo (i cant go on my own)

Well on a lighter note i just weighed myself im 10st 7 and 1/4 dunno if i should updae my ticker cos the chemists scales could say different! But im trying to ween myself off going down there and only go once a month!
OH what to do lol
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Says it as it is!!!
Aww hunni... i have spurts of IBS...try and avoid brea, pasta, spicy stuff etc...it will help!

And as for the fibregel (powder) stuff..god, i hated that!!!..poor you x x
Keep yourwater intake up too x
Well done you ...10st 7 1/4 is fab!!def update your ticker!!!! Woo hooo


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Aw man i love spicy stuff :( may stay away from it now i suppose!

How you nic you still on TFR?


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Hi hunni,
I just found this and thought you may like to know xx it my help your ibs sweets...hope you are ok

The soluble fibre in Psyllium seeds has been found to improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) by increasing the number of bowel movements per week, enlarging stool weight and speeding up transit times. Soluble fibre does not irritate or scratch the gastric lining compared to other forms of fibre and is therefore suitable for people with IBS or other inflamed digestive disorders


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Awh tanx nic your a little star x

Iv been takn it for 3 day now and still nothing :( oh its terrible annoying!
I realised i cant eat bread now had a bagel for lunch last week and had to be sent home from work sick with crippling pains, yesterday i had some ryvita i thought they'd be fine but noooo got cramps from them too not quite as bad but still quite painful! I think i should star clear of wheat so im looking up wheat free products now as we speak!

How are you doin hun? are ya still on TFR??


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Another great tip I've found to help with IBS and to help stave off hunger pangs on Lipo is Peppermint Tea - it's a real treat and is incredibly helpful with IBS - I found once I get stuck into Lipo - the symptoms go away. I do use Fibregel - but if you don't like it and if you get constipated with Lipo, the chemist might give you Microlax - I keep them for emergencies and they help quite a bit. Lots of water of course and try the peppermint tea - it's tasty as well as useful.

Good luck


Says it as it is!!!
Yeah hunni... i am still doing TFR...but on CD now!
Not doing bad..going slowly!!
Yeah, i had to stay away from wheat as well.... try things like cornmeal, soya bread, quinoa, bulgar wheat xx Hope you feel better soon xx xx xx


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how you findin Cd are the shakes nicer??
My bst mate is gone to spain for a month today shes only after leaving, im gonna be completely lost without her :( oh well i have my doggies to keep me company!

Fybogel is doin nothin for me but i love the taste of it lol had to take my dulcolax last nite as usual it worked, but somehow i dont think i can live my life depending on them :(


Says it as it is!!!
The shakes are lovely! Really enojoying them x
Awww, bless ya hunni... i am the same...my best mate, well she hasnt left the country, but, has developed a whole new life and is dead busy all the time...so its kinda just me and my boys!:(
Taking ducolax regular isnt good...go back to your docs and get something else... there are loads of different things they can give you, just a matter of seeing what work.
On the good side IBS doesnt always haunt you forever!


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I suffer from IBS too. On Sunday I thought I was going to end up in hospital. The constipation is the worst its ever been. I was physically crying as I was on the Loo. Hubby went MAD with me and told me I've knackered up my body with all the diets etc etc etc. Its a nightmare because I can have constipation, then the next day I'm not off the loo!!

It seems to me that people who suffer with their bowls have weight issues. Hubby dear is as regular as clockwork and has never had to worry about his weight...this seems to be a pattern I've spotted.


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Hey Shazpaz,

I definitely think you're on to something there, and I think it might be related to food intolerances.

I was on prophylactic anti retroviral drugs for a month in Feb, and I was ill everyday, nausea, vomitting, dizziness, diaorrhea, and abdominal pain. My Bf knew that I HAD to take the drugs and seemed not to accept that it was them making me sick, instead he harped on at me for eating dairy foods, and man did I eat when I was on them, every break in the nausea I was eating sugary and fatty foods.
I think men short circuit when we're that badly sick, cos they wanna fix us and know they can't!



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:cry:... i have never had ibs before but i sure think i have now ... i did re feed two weeks ago .. i posted re my stomach pains a few days ago... anyhow now i am on normal healthy eatin .. but find sometimes i get these terrible pains and nausea its so disheartening cos enjoyed .. to a point doing the diet felt great all the way through lost three stone look a lot better ... then this!! :(... i thoght at first it was nuts cos it seem to coincide with some fruit and nuts i had .. so stopped havin them for a snack .. but then last night had salmon salad and this morning woke up in pain again .. good job i am day off cos would have had to ring in work ... so not sure now whether to try some over the counter stuff .. or just really be a bit more circumspect as to what i eat .. but really still just eating chicken fish veg or salad no fat porridge in the morning .. fruit for snacks.. yoghurts for puds ... i really dont know what else to do .. will keep checkin on here to pick up some tips.. its a very unpleasant side effect of losing weight eh!! ... if no better though will go to docs ... :cry:... which will prob involve loads of horrid tests ... but will go if it doesnt stop cos it is a bit worrying i think... sharon. xx


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i know i really shouldnt be taking them its not normal :( its the only thing that seems to work! Ill head off to my doc again this wk and try something else!

I had IBS when i was about 4or 5 but it seemed to have vanished oh but its bck now gurrr, im finding my belly isnt as bad since iv cut wheaty things out, im also having soya milk now witch is something i thought id hate its actually delicious!


Getting married July 2011
Hey shaz2,
I know it's hard but don't let it get you down!!! It could just be a temporary LT related thing!!!!! Or maybe problems with foods!

I have problems with lactose (and other things), and I know when I was off lactose for a month, and I stupidly blew it on some MarsBar biscuits I was in agony and had to leave the party. My doc told me it was because my body had become sensitised when I was off it. When I come off LT, I'm heading straight for this homeopathic guy near where I live, he'll do all the tests and tell me exactly what I should be eating! I see you're in England, but there must be someone who does the same thing near you! Go to a good one tho, I went to one before who just did a questionaire and allergy testing, and then since I wasn't allergic to anything told me I was intolerant to lactose, I feckin knew that going in!



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That sounds like something i should look in to tanx!
Well so far iv discovered i cant eat bread potatoes apples pineapple without being in terrible pain with my belly!
Oh god its a tuff life lol i got some herbal tablets outta a health food shop today so maybe they'll get a move on me!

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