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is 3 litres of water enough

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i drink 3 litres of water a day thats not including the shakes and all the ice i put into them ... do you think that is enough as id ont think i can do much more then that im sick to death of piddling and i dare not go any where i know there is not a loo lol:)
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3 litres is plenty. Excessive water intake is not good for you either (google water toxicity).
The british dietetic society recommend 2.5 litres a day. Bearing in mind that you are not getting any water in the form of food you should be ok with 3 litres but I wouldnt recommend any more than that though.
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I have my 2 litre bottle of sparkling water everyday. Anything else is a bonus.


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lol yeah its more than the recommend 2 litres so your flying :)


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I've been having 4lts plus each day this week but now thinking maybe that is a little too much. What do you think?
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well thats what i though im just gonna stick with 3lt's then just to be on the safe side didnt know drinking too much can be bad for you i think if i had to drink any more id be sick anyway cant say i enjoy all the water drinking that much anyway thanks everyone
Drinking too much water can deplete your body of essential salts that your body needs in order to function. There have been cases where people have died as a result of too much water or water toxicity. It can also cause the brain to swell and cause you to fit. I dont want to scare anybody but you have to be careful with your water intake. 2 -2.5 litres is the recommended level, anything over that isnt recommended.
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ive just watched the dvd peeps on the lipotrim website and its said dont go over 4 litres so im okay at 3 lts i reckon thanks for that beckym


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Just posting this in this thread too hoping it helps x

It's Not How Much You Drink, It's How Fast You Drink It! The kidneys of a healthy adult can process fifteen liters of water a day! You are unlikely to suffer from water intoxication, even if you drink a lot of water, as long as you drink over time as opposed to intaking an enormous volume at one time. As a general guideline, most adults need about three quarts of fluid each day. Much of that water comes from food, so 8-12 eight ounce glasses a day is a common recommended intake. You may need more water if the weather is very warm or very dry, if you are exercising, or if you are taking certain medications. The bottom line is this: it's possible to drink too much water, but unless you are running a marathon or an infant, water intoxication is a very uncommon condition.

Three quarts = 6 pints
Bear in mind we need more to (indirectly) help break down the fat we're using for fuel instead of food AND that we're not getting any from food.

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