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Is anybody there?


Here for the Journey
Welcome Gemstone

Congrats on your first weeks weight loss, you are off to a great start.

I have a lot of weight to lose too, seems daunting at first but we all start somewhere. My tracker shows my first major goal, I will still have to lose more after that!



Here for the Journey
Ahh... good there IS someone out there. Thanks for replying both of you. I have never been on a site like this before so please be patient with me if I get it wrong. Yes I'm pleased with my 4lb and look forward to losing some more!:) I WILL do it this time. I am walking a little, going to the gym a little (too much and I'll lose the will to live) and I may take the plunge and go swimming (if I'm feeling brave - swimsuit and all that!). I have a very healthy taste in food, mostly veggie but I LOVE chocolate (Hey! I'm a woman, why wouldn't I?). Oh and did I say that I like the odd glass of wine? Well I do.
By the way, don't bother asking me to join groups like Slimming World or Weightwatchers - they are fine but not for me. I don't need to be told what to do and it reminds me too much of being bullied at school. Getting on the scales for someone else to tut over would be TOO much and have the opposite effect.
Well, get used to me cos I might be sticking around for a long time. It could take years to get this lot off!:sigh: but it IS going:)
Hi there and a huge welcome to you (and all the other newbies..)

I do totally understand your feelings about SW and WW and I admire people who succeed on them. Had 9 stone to loose and my first real try was WW. They were so patronising that I never went back...
On CD now..well at the moment. Might have to look into loosing the rest some other way as I'm having trouble paying for it..

God, I don't normally scare people off by waffeling endlessly so please forgive...

Take care and keep posting



Here for the Journey
....and some more people out there. So glad it's not gonna be lonely out here in cyber-space. Right, here's the thing. Only you guys know I'm dieting. I don't want every conversation, every meal, every snack to be accompanied by "OO you shouldn't be eating that:wave_cry:" or "Is that on your diet sheet?:(". Truth is I don't have a diet sheet and I'm relying on past knowledge and willpower and if I lapse - adjust! Well that's the theory - only time will tell if it works. Sooo.... cyber-space is where it all happens for me then I can go back to being ME down on Mother Earth:D So up here in orbit I'll be very glad of some friends :hug99: Gem x


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hiya gemstone
well done with the weight loss i hope i do aswell with my first week, i to have joined this forum for support and all the messages ive been sent have been brilliant and have really cheered me up and made me feel very positive.



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There are many of us here with lots of lose including me. As you have done, it is better to make mini targets rather than look at the whole amount you need to lose

And congratulations you are doing very well

Irene xx


Here for the Journey
Thanks to all the friendly cyber-travellers who have stopped by to give encouragement to this newbee. I really do appreciate it.
Gem x


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hi there gem. welcome to the forums. there are an awful lot of us out here, ha. i'm starting the cambridge diet tomorrow. hoping that the strict rules and regulations will sort me out. i found ww patronising too. in fact i just didn't like the woman in the slightest and when she asked me how i'd lost my weight i said that i had upped my water because i thought i ate when i was thirsty as well as hungry and she made me look like a pillock saying 'well you must have been following the plan too, i mean, if water made us thin we'd all be skinny, wouldn't we girls?' well obviously i'd been following the plan too. she wanted us to say things like 'well this week i've been doing the plan perfectly. my snacks have been celery sticks and the odd carrot. you must continue because this way of life is wonderful'. oh, did i also mention she was rather fat, which wasn't particularly encouraging. nothing wrong with that, unless you're preaching at others on how to get thin...

sorry, rant over. we didn't see eye to eye, ha.

abz xx


Here for the Journey
Thanks for that abz. You sound about as mad as me! I tried the Cambridge lots of years ago for a couple of weeks but I can't get my head round abandoning nutrition. I worry about trace elements and bone density and stuff. I hope it works for you tho so Good Luck.
Gem x


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I like your sensible laid back attitude Gem, I reckon that you will do really well by just being a bit more lively and cutting back on the high cal stuff.
Good luck on your own personal program.

hey every one well i have a whole country to lose ! ive been dieting all my life from age of 14 now 38 ! cd has done it for me though its not easy hunger is at least removed i do worry about the health side though ive read loads on it i worry about the hair loss and i now have too lose teeth lol dont no if its linked looooooool but on the plus side im losing weight and can now walk more than a hundreds yards good luck to you all what ever weight loss yr doing but you no we all really have to do it this time we cant spend our whole lives worrying about our weights lets get it off and have sonme fun ( ok sorry i think i was talking to my self a lot there loooooool


Here for the Journey
Thanks Barb for the encouragement - I certainly need it. Been shopping today and have SO much fresh food that I had to push it all into the fridge (shoe-horn anyone?). I'm making the most amazing salads at the moment with EVERYTHING in. Love jacket spuds and cottage cheese with a top heavy salad. Poached salmon with either salad or steamed fresh veg (brocoli, carrots etc.).
Nightnight - if you are worried about anything healthwise get it checked out. Those things could be a nutrition problem but might not. Once checked there is a product called nourkrin that Cheryl Baker endorses (google it). I don't know much about it but worth looking at. I do know it's a natural supplement AND that it runs quite expensive. Lots of women lose hair during pregnancy and menopause when the hormones are doing gymnastics. Keep smiling :)
Gem x

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