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Is anyone else worried?


I will do this!!!
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I'd lose it first pizzle before you start worrying about things like this. Day at a time. You are making the mistake I always make, projecting days, weeks , months in advance. Just doing LT for one day is an achievement in itself.

Good luck by the way.
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Hi pizzle84

Hell ya!! And I did because I was so darn reckless and over time forgot all the good things I learnt from LT! I hope not to again. :doh:
The advice from Creosote is MOST excellent!! That's why I love this forum, when you throw out a lifeline you get good help.


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I havnt done it, but it sounds to me like the refeed and maintenance with Lt is the first step
people seem to have there own thoughts
different diets to go on afterwards, like adkins or weightwatchers etc
so really i can't help and I'm talking out of my big but smaller backside
check out the post from "thinking" called "maintenance" posted this morning I think Might help
good luck to us all on this journey xx
I used tfr to really think about what to do in maintenance which helped me, i'm in week 3 of maintenance and I have had a night out, few drinks couple of nights and I'm still healthy weight. I considered GI, atkins, using maintenance products and am eating low GI food choices avoiding junk, generally going for 3 healthy meals a day. I think tfr is a great time to make plans for some people. xx
I think it is really sensible to plan how you are going to maintain Pizzle, but I wouldnt 'worry' about it. I plan to do refeed very carefully and then go on to low carb diet for life really, Im also going to weigh myself weekly and monitor what Im doing so that I dont fall into that trap of ........ "oh well it all just crept back on before I realised"? I dont buy that! lol I think the fact that you are already forward thinking shows that you will make a plan and stick to it . Good luck xxx


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Pizzle, I'm going to carry on weighing daily cos when I did that I maintained my weight quite easily. It was when i started becoming a bit less mobile that I got disheartened and stopped weighing myself....then I had to give up work and started living in track pants instead of smart trousers and pencil skirts! That's when the trouble really started.....when I get to target I am going to buy loads of jeans and try never to wear trackies unless I'm at the gym! It was my OH who pointed that out last week actually, I'd been out for an appointment in smart black trousers, size 14 again!!! and he said " you couldn't put on weight when you
looked like that all the time could you? It's those bloody track pants!" he hates them and I realised that he's got a point!

Daily weighing works for me, even now!

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