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Is anyone else's job helping their weight loss? (long)

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Hi all :)

I was just wondering if I was the only one whose job is helping with weight loss. (Sorry, this will be long!)

This summer, I dropped out of uni. (Loved the course/uni etc, but personal problems forced me to drop out.) I'm OK with that, but I was rather at a loss as to what to do with myself for a while.
After moving back home with my parents, I just felt so *bored*. Everyone else in my family was working or doing something, and I was sat at home. Anyway, as it happens, my mum works at the secondary school I used to go to, and told me that the headteacher was looking for people to clear out the classrooms, cover display boards, return books to departments, and do general jobs like that.
I jumped at it, because (especially with the economy etc), a job is a job, and money is money, and anyway I was sick of doing nothing. I worked hard, had a good attitude to working, and felt a sense of accomplishment as I came home in the evenings with a good day's work under my belt.

At the beginning of this month (September), the headteacher, while I was covering the noticeboard in her office, asked if I would stay on longer at the school, saying that I have a good attitude and am good at what I do. :D :D :D Of course, I said yes.
So now I work in the school's pastoral office. I was a little surprised at quite how much work it is, but I generally enjoy it, and every day is different. However, it was only when I weighed myself yesterday (Friday), that I realised I've lost half a stone in about a month, just by working! (I'm not doing any specific dieting, but being at home means more structured mealtimes, and less opportunity to snack.)
I've gotten so used to my job over the past few weeks, that I haven't been thinking about how much exercise I get just by doing it. :p As I work for the Pastoral Officer (I'm more of an assistant/admin/general dogsbody sort of person), I get sent all over the school seeking people out, delivering items to students, returning books to departments, delivering memos, etc etc. We also have a girl on crutches at the moment, so I'm often sent upstairs to get her science work, as our labs are mainly on the 2nd floor.

I made a mental note yesterday, having weighed myself in the morning, of what I'd been finding easier this week. Yesterday, for example, when taking books up to the second floor, I didn't have to stop for quite as long at the top to catch my breath before entering the department. Also, my trousers are looser, especially around the thighs! :D

Has anyone else found that their job has aided their weight loss? :)
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I used to work in a bar/club and 2 of our waitresses told me how they lost weight working for us through running about from table to table and up and down the stairs. One went from a 12 to an 8 over time and the other a 10 - 8 in the summer she worked for us :)

Well done on the weight loss through hard work :D
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aw thats brilliant, well done, unfortunately i have the opposite problem, i'm a chef so i'm constantly surrounded by food and at that stodgy resturant food (or more recently i've been working in a cafe - paninis, huge baguettes with loads of mayo, cream cakes etc etc) and i find that i just pick and pick - even without thinking half the time :(
i'm thinking of going back to uni to totaly re-train (mental health nurse) partially because i think it would be really interesting and worthwhile- and partially to get me away from working with food so much!


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I work in operating theatres (anaesthetics and critical care) so am constantly running around and lifting and shifting- I'd love to get a pedometer to see how many steps I do in a day! And of course no food is allowed into theatres so I can't pick all day.

*However* I then get home and am so exhausted I can't make myself do any exercise, and can quite happily stuff my face before going to bed


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mmm - i'm a drama teacher so i'm quite active and breaks are pretty regimented... so sticking to the diet is quite easy as my day is very structured. OTOH, i've been a drama teacher for years and years, and it was quite easy enough to put on weight during that active, busy, structured day too!


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I work in PR, in an office in the middle of nowhere. There is a farm shop next door but more often than not the salads look nicer than the cakes!

I generally bring my own food in and eat at my desk (bad I know) but it's helped. Considering in my last job I must've put on at least three stone because I was in the middle of the city and there were vending machines in our office. I think I'm doing well!

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