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Is Dahl Syn free?


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It will depend on the ingredients - both ghee and coconut milk are high in syns so if it has them in it you are looking at a lot of syns

Can you post the recipe?

There are syn free and low syn dahl recipes on this forum if you wanted to do a search for them
Thank you :) I was just wondering about whether there would be considered free food or not? Or part of the HEA OR HEB? Also somedays I do the green plan- because of religious reasons- and don't eat eggs at all then either ? So how would that change in terms of pulse amounts?


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You'd need to post the recipe ingredients to see if they were free or not the way you eat them now.
You'd need to post the recipe ingredients to see if they were free or not the way you eat them now.
Its really simple, I use onions, garlic, turmeric, curry powder, chillies and spinach. I used red lentils. Then I fry the onions and garlic and then boil the lentils in the same pan- halfway through I had the spinach?


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All those ingredients are free, not sure if lentils are free on red but they are on the green plan.

The only thing would be what you were using to fry everything in? Oil has syns as would ghee or any other fat. You can use a tablespoon of olive oil as a HExB or you can use frylite spray and that is free. If you use oil or ghee you would have to syn it.

Ghee is 2 syns for one level teaspoon, 6.5 syns for one level tablespoon or 12.5 syns for 28g.
Lard has the same syn value as ghee and oil is 2 syns per teaspoon and 6 syns per tablespoon.


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The ingredients are all free on green and EE but what do you use to fry the onions and garlic? If you use oil then that would have some syns. But youcould swap to using frylight and that would make the meal free.
I love dahl. When I make it I use frylight for frying and it comes out lovely. No reason to use oil or ghee.
Hi, I am indian too and only do green days as I am vegetarian. All types of dahl is free, in all my curries and indian food is free because i use fry light. When you're frying the onions don't use butter or oil spray some frylight over them on low heat so they don't burn, then add your spices as normal. You can add coconut milk etc but you will need to syn this and measure the exact amounts. I keep mine syn free and enjoy with rice and to be honest it tastes just the same!
I know its not the same as freshly made but Asda do a chickpea dahl in a tin which is free on a green day and quite nice as a quick option. I often have it when my other half is having a synful curry!

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