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Is everyone on holiday?

let's get a party started! The sparkling water is on me!
Hi Ladies,
I'm checking in here a few times a day but sometimes there isn't anything to post. I'm coping ok with Lite and the shingles are starting to heal, but still very tired with it, slept most of today. I wish I was either doing Total and getting better losses, or at goal and doing RTM. This feels like a bit of an expensive way to lose 1.5 lbs a week, so slow considering how much I have to lose still. I am finding it hard to drink enough water while I'm at home, but I'm trying. I'm getting close to the 3 stone mark so I'm looking forward to that in a couple of weeks. I think I can actually feel lighter walking up stairs, not so much strain on my knees.
Well done Rachel on getting to within the stone of goal and soon to get your jaw free. You will have a fab xmas. So break out the sparkling water and have a great Saturday night!
Tia, you are doing so well. Almost 2 stone already is great. I agree that chatting on here really keeps the motivation.
I'm here!!!

I did disappear for a while, but back with a vengeance now and determined not to sabotage things for myself again, or let comments get to me!!

ELAB - glad to hear you're getting better hon, though i can only imagine how frustrating it is to be paying so much, and losing less than the LL average. Stick with it though hon - eventually you'll be all better and can get back to total!! perhaps upping your water intake might help the loss....flush out some extra ketones?!?

Tia: I'm still here sweetheart....just been lurking and reading more than posting!! I'm guessing the xmas "Panic" is starting to set in....i know it has in our house!! Hahaha!!

Hope everyone is getting on ok!!!??!

I've not been as often due to work being so tough that when I get home I fall asleep! When I have been on I've been reading too, rather than posting. Haven't even updated my blog for ages. The weirdest thing is I have no idea why! Maybe it is the coming of Christmas???????
And I've gone AWOL too, I had a couple of weeks off plan after a family visit where I said yes to a bacon butty and that was the beginning of the end...after consuming my own body weight of pizza chips cake etc, and a lake of wine, I had put 9lbs on. But, at least I went back. I lost 8 of those 9 the next week, and I'm back on track - mostly - again.
But...I feel as though I'm dogged by the black shadow of my urge to over-eat, and it's never far behind. It's as though I've been dieting, and bingeing, and starving, then dieting, etc etc all my life and I can't break the habit, and I'm nearly 50, not the right age for for new tricks. Just right now, I'd really like some cake, not just a slice, but a whole one. And then another.
Having said that, I've successfully managed another binge-free night, so maybe I should adapt the AA mantra of one day at a time. And I'm now the lowest I've been for 12 years or so, so maybe I should stop beating myself up and just get on with it...;)


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It can be tough, dig deep, look forward to your goals and mini goals/ new outfit and stay 100%, it's such a waste of money, energy and time if you don't
It is so worth it, I am over 50 and started in April this year, now on maintenance, so worth working through the tough times and crooked thinking, speak to your LLC if you feel a particular issue or time is bad for you, she will help you with strategy
Good luck

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