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is exante ..


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Also might seem a bit thick but how do I know when I'm in ketosis????? On day 3 not noticed any difference not even hungry no cramps headaches or anything! Just really thirsty!!!! Worried it's not going well cos I feel fine!!! Confused!!
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id say yes but ive never tried ll i was on lipotim for a while though keep drinking lots of water and ketosis some as early as day 2 other 5-6 days but does give good results :)
I did LL twice and the only flavour of anything I liked was the choc shake!
I find Exante much much better coz I like the shakes, and dont have 2 sit through 2 hours of LL counselling which I didn't find helpful at all.

So yeah I guess Exante is just a cheaper vlcd. All vlcd's are pretty much the same though, just a little difference in the price and cals.

I've lost more on exante than I did on LL.


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S: 1st1.7lb G: 0st11.7lb
That's me told then !!!! I did meant cost wise and not quality wise!!! You sound really peed that I've compared the two!!!
Im not lol Its just sooo many people come on and seem to assume cos Exante is so much cheaper that its not as good, not as effective and second rate compared to the others. I guess Im just defensive of it cos it IS so good but a lot of people seem to think it wont be. And I personally just feel a 'cheaper version' makes it sound like its just not as good when in actual fact I think its the very opposite, Exante is really now giving the more familiar VLCDs a real run for their money.

Exante just dont have the overheads and other people to give a cut of the profits to the way CD etc have


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S: 1st1.7lb G: 0st11.7lb
Oh good glad I'm not on the naughty step lol. I know about the councilling hence lower price! I think it's great I don't have to sit through meetings tried ww and sw and they drove me nuts all that clapping and listening to recipes of the week and stuff. My butt kicker did ll so she's doing the councilling bit and stalking me by text and at work lol I gotta stay 100% or she will literally kick my butt!! I have been warned..
Just hope I don't let her down been 100% for 4 days can't wait till weigh in! X


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S: 1st1.7lb G: 0st11.7lb
Bet I don't sleep tuesday night feel like santa's coming lol xxx. How sad I used to avoid the scales now I can't wait ! Still gotta get through sunday dinner at my parents.. Rang mum told her not to make me any cos I'm dieting and will " eat" before I go with the rest of the family! I'm sure that they won't get the whole concept of not eating but just gonna say I'll be healthier in the long run!! Wish me luck lolxxx

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