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Is going to EE a step back?


Better drink that water!
My hubby was looking at SW stuff last night (he does it with me at home we dont go to group) and he was saying that the wording makes it look like EE is used to ease people into the SW diet and that weight loss wont be as good as if you were on original/green days. I have really struggled to get into the SW groove this time and thought I may try EE but it feels like taking a step back.

Has anyone seen huge weigh loss results from EE? I'm so fed up with my weight but am struggling to get rid of it. :( Maybe not so Mrs Determined after all.
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Hi I am a slimming world semi newbie. I say semi because I joined group at the start of October and threw myself into extra easy. I went to group for 3 weeks and lost 61/2lb which I thought was pretty good. I would have lost more (I feel) if I had been more careful with my pasta and potato intake. I am yet to do just a green or red week so will soon see what the results are.

I think the fact that you're only allowed one HEXa and one HEXb on this plan helps this plan work.
It's not a step back. In fact, if the rumours are to be believed, this is all SW will offer to new members from next year and in USA (where SW has just started) they only offer EE.

Your losses will be as good, especially if you follow the 1/3 superfree recommendation. If I do EE then I make sure I do this as otherwise I don't lose as well.

I think if people start to struggle on EE and they are following the 1/3 sf rule then consultants will recommend red and green days for a while but EE really is the way to go.

To give you an idea of it's success, a woman joined my group just as EE was being rolled out, it's all she's ever done and she's lost over 5 stone. It works!!
I have been doing SW for 20 months now and did the old red/green days until EE was introduced. Since then I have done 95% EE and my losses have been exactly the same as they were on the 'old' plan. (I have always been a slow loser at a consistent 1lb a week, so no drastic losses)

I don't think EE is a way to make it easier for new people, but a way of making it easier for everyone. I love it- it makes the whole thing feel so much more like 'normal' eating. I rarely use SW recipes now and am able to just adapt normal ones from all my lovely recipe books- it also makes eating out a breeze.

Sorry to be sound stupid but what is the 1/3? I have been to group but maybe I missed that bit...
I don't have my book to hand but I think the wording is...

To maximise your losses on EE try to fill a third of your plate with superfree foods (ie foods which are free on red and green - the yellow pages in your book).

So veg and salad, fruit and eggs, cottage cheese etc


Better drink that water!
So what do you munch on during the day? Cos I was thinking that you could munch any green ored free foods. but does it have to be SF?
You can eat what you want through the day, red, green, free or superfree.

It's just your meals which it's advised to have a third superfree.

I only ever snack on superfree though, (well 90% of the time!) I find it's a good thing to do, but that's just me.


Better drink that water!
Yes thanks. Is it just the EE book you guys are reading? or is there something extra i could get.

Does SW advise on how my meals you should eat a day?
It's all in the EE booklet and you can have as many meals a day as you need! It's all about eating until you are satisfied but if you have breakfast, lunch and dinner but later want a meal for supper, you can have it! That's the flexibility.


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I can see what your husband picked up on as it does say something about switching to red/green" to speed up your weight losses" It also tends to give the impression that you have to stick to the foods mentioned in the EE book, whilst ALL free foods on red and green are free.
I've lost just over 2.5 stone on EE. I lose better than on red/green because it's simpler to work out and it suits me.
Ah yes, Judi is correct - also this applies to the healthy extras, you can have any A's and B's listed for red and green days on EE, not just those in the EE booklet.
I'm only just starting SW today but have been perrusing this site for a couple of weeks.
Im not new to SW but the new eating plan EE is new to me. TBH i feel after reading lots on here that it really isn't taking a step back, many of the ladies (and gents) have had really good losses on EE.

I want to do it myself if i'm honest but i feel i need to get into the diet first im not sure i trust myself for EE yet.....lol
Snugglepuss - are you going to group? If you are, then EE is what your consultant will recommend you to follow - it really is the way to go!!
No Jaylou i'm doing it from home so want to just get into R/G days first :D


Better drink that water!
Snugglepuss - are you going to group? If you are, then EE is what your consultant will recommend you to follow - it really is the way to go!!

This has made me feel better thanks.

But why does it say that you go to R/G if you need a boost? What about a fast forward plan? Whats that?
FF is a very very last resort and not for the faint hearted.
Red and Green may restrict your intake a little more than EE as there could be a tendency to eat too much red/green on EE. There's nothing to say you can't lose weight successfully on EE though. Following red and green is just another way of mixing it up and keeping it varied really.
If it's not working as well as you'd like, try red and green, if that's not quick enough try Success Express, FF is a last resort that is only on Consultant recommendation, the details aren't written down anywhere.
Just remember, a pound a week is the best and most sustainable weight loss.

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