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Is it a good idea to buy clothes smaller?

Hi folks, not even started CD yet still waiting for CDC but think I will call her today as I dont think she checks her e-mails lol.. anyway back to the reason for the question...

Is it a good idea to buy clothes in the size you want to be,, I have seen this absolutely gorgeous dress to die for AMAZING and omg i better fit into it one day dress.. but obviously they dont go up to size 20 but they do, do size 14, should i buy it for inspiration? or should i leave it as it might be disheartening if it takes me a while to get down to a size 14??

:) Thanks guys

Jodie xxx
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Go for it!!!
It will give you the incentive to reach for it everytime you feel the urge to binge!!!
You will get to that size in no time hun!

I just bought cheap jeans in the next size down and im pleased I did as when I 1st started I said I just wanted to be a size16 BUT Im now in a baggy 14 and am going out to buy some 12s later, if you feel it will help you then go for it but you may find you decide you want to be smaller and never wear it.lol.

Good luck.xx
Thanks Kerry-Ann.. I just have this fear of the weight not coming off!! and ill be stuck with a size 14 dress (even though absolutely gorge)!! lol i might even buy just to look at haha!
lol thats true Susan, I think ill buy it!! of i do go slimmer than a size 14 then i can always look back to the dress and think, the dress that could of been!
Hey hun, you should def do it! Im in the same boat as you. Im starting SS tomorrow and Im so looking forward to wearing nice clothes. Im currently a size 28 and I just ordered a dress in a 14 and I cannot wait to wear it next year! Imagine...next year summer it will fit!!! I have this image of me walking into a bar etc with my hair flowing and my LBD and heels and everyone giving me a second glance!! LOL (im in a world of my own)!!! But it can be a reality, this website PROVES its possible and that we CAN do it!!
I wish you lots of luck...keep me posted hun x
Thanks hun, i got butterflys reading that cos thats exactly the same as what I am wanting, but i want to walk into a bar full of ex's and just show them what they have missed out on hahahaha! :)
LOL I know the feeling hun. I think the 1st week is going to be the hardest but the WI will keep us motivated...Starlight from WW forum once said "theres no amount of food, that can make me as happy as seeing the scales go down" and its so true! I have a really bad habit of weighing myself everyday too, its so distructive but at least on CD we will see the scales go down (although I still dont recommend it)!!
When are you starting? xManjitx
I e-mailed the CDC 2 days ago still not heard anything back so i have decided to give her another day then i will give her a buzz tomorrow to get started.... I am just doing a little investigation as to how much it will cost etc on the net, as i have heard its alot cheaper than LL, which I have done before! we will see,
I just hope i lose 1 1/2 for xmas thats all im wishing for if i lose that ill be happy as larry!
Yeah you'll def lose that by xmas hun. My friend started at the beginning of September and has lost close to 3 and a half stone now. So its def possible plus she only had 4 stone to lose.
I think the price is £50 a week and LL is around £70 or so a week. And my friend tells me they do porridge and spicy tomato soup which is meant to be yummy!! xx
I've just spent £100 on 4 work shirts that are way too small :D They are TM Lewin shirts which are normally £89 each but they have a special offer of 4 for £100, I could've bought them in my current size, but I thought £100 is a good extra incentive to get down to where I need to be. You go for it! x
ok folks its done, the dress has now been bought in size 14 oh my days!!! lol now i have no option but to stick to it cos I am going to fit in this dress!! thanks alot for your help!!


now got pictures in album
Yes I started at a size 32 and I went out and bought trousers, 28, 26, 24, 22, 20, 18 and 16 from Evans and the tops as well in teh sale! I am now onto 22!! Am so excited!! :D
Well done you :) x im excited for you.. when did you start with CD hun? if you dont mind me asking


please try again
i have a size 12 silk dress hanging on the outside of my wardrobe so i can look at it everyday

i started at a size 32 and have bought stuff 2 sizes down each time ( too expensive to get each size ) im currently a 22/24 and have a box of size 20's ready to wear
I'm loving you buying that 14 hun, i get rid of my bigger sizes as i go as well, no 20's or 18's in the house anymore (sold them all on ebay) only couple of 16's lurking about the rest are all 14.......cos i WON'T ever need the bigger sizes again!!! I've sold and bought most of my stuff on ebay so it hasn't felt like i've been out spending lots!!! almost like swapping!!
I did LL too before and so you'll know there's one size that you seem to spend ages in! I was a 22/24 and wizzed down to 18 but seemed to be in those for month no matter how much weight I lost, I ended up being a 14/16 and then put some back on getting back up to an 18/20 I'm now in 16 top and 18 bottom but in my wardrobe has a pair of 14/16 jeans and a 14 top.

I have shirts in size 16 and 18 tha tI can't fit into, they look so good on but when I come to do them up my 34G bust kinda stops it!! Is annoying as I don't want to buy loads more clothes, so am thinking of investing in a minimizer bra. Funnily enough my husband can't believe such a thing exists!!

wants2bnormal your avatar pic is really cool!

H x

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