Is it age that hinders us?


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Before I hit 50 I would enjoy exercising and keeping fit..
Since hitting 50 things seem to be done half hearted as my mind set is I don't need to 'fit' in as I'm settled in life and not on the look out for a partner.

Anyone 50 and over feel the same?
If your over 50 and full of motivation how do you do it?

I don't need to loss weight I just need to get strong and be supple.

Any tips from anyone on how to do it when you just don't feel the need to do it.
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You know what? I am going to go with yes. I was going to be all positive and note that there are 50+ folks out there doing marathons but, no. Not this time. I am looking at it from my reality and I agree with you. I was a lot more active or determined to be active before I hit the menopause. But now, not so much. Then during lockdown, I didn't even attempt to go walking for that one hour a day because I was in constant pain (found out I had Fibromyalgia) and that did not help matters much.

Having said that, we are here being open and honest and I can 100% say that if you do not feel a need to do it, then you won't. I was the same way. But then I got to the point where I needed to feel that I needed to do it and this is where the change happens. Mindset is everything.

You may find your own way but I will let you know how I began to give you an idea of how to start.

I began with the yoga/pilates/toning weights again. The yoga and pilates are to bring my awareness back to my body and the stretches help with getting some kind of suppleness back into my body. The toning weights is for strength. For the strength, I started out with only 5 poses and held them each for 1 minute and then gradually increased it. For the strength, I started out using 1kg weights for each hand and then I would do 7 Sets 10 reps arms. Legs was different. Because I am not at a gym and don't have a access to a leg press or any other weights, I just depend on the yoga poses that focus on legs and then I started walking first for only five minutes and increased it. I allow myself Sundays to rest.

I hope this helps a bit.


I'm not 50, but I have grandma and grandpa. They live together for almost 50 years, but their lifestyles differs from each other. My grandpa is 76 now (wish him so live longer!), and everyday he walks more than 6 miles at home or he can use his tradmill in bad weather. Also he tries to eat healthy food (my grandma do not like it at all). Hope that one day she would so as he.
I wanted to say that we have different behaviour in the same situation, and this is not bad. Sometimes we just need to encourage ourselves and our relatives to improve health.