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is it better to go for shakes/soups then bars?

I personally want to stay away from bars as i think i might want to eat more than just a bar lol. and i think the soups/shakes will be better to flush through my system. People have bars tho and find them ok. I also stay away from the porridge too for the same reason! Maybe i am just weird haha :) xxx
loveloveyy said:

just wondered which would be better to have?

isit better to stick to the drinks then to incoroprate the bars or stay away from the bars as best as poss?
The bars can slow some people down. I had a lower week when I has one every day but have four a week now and really enjoy them. They're great for a weekend when I'm about with the kids I find. X

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i have one every day and have had since week three. they are the only pleasurable thing about this diet. i find them more filling than shakes or soups, and they're brilliantly portable. also, the fifteen minute rule doesn't apply with bars, so you can spread them out as two small meals or just nibble for hours.

they are a little bit higher in carbs(tho the cranberry and peanut bars are little to no difference), but one a day won't stop most people's ketosis. the calorie difference is negligable, in the grand scheme of things.

I've never felt tempted to eat more than one. Just had one now and i feel really full - but anyway, if i ate two it would leave me short of products for the week.
I did have them for a couple of weeks but my weight loss slowed down (week 4 and 5) and I didnt really enjoy them so I stick to Shakes and Soups :)
Your weight loss usually slows down between weeks 3-5 anyway though, Mishie.

I've been having a bar every day for the past 2 months and it hasn't slowed me down any. :)
in point of fact, my week three loss (the week i started having my daily bar) was bigger than either week 2 or week 1.

i don't think there's any suggestion it will affect the amount you lose, is there? it's only 25 cals extra a day. It's a matter of whether the extra carbs take you out of ketosis.
The extra carbs should never take anyone out of ketosis as it's an absolutely tiny amount. I believe most bodies (most, mind, not all) have a tolerance of 20g of carbohydrate a day before they start being in danger of coming out of ketosis.

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