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Is it better to..

have your healthy extras than not to have them?

I find it hard to have the healthy extra As, Im not a big cheese lover and the only milk I have is if I have cereal where I find I only use 100ml of skimmed milk when your allowed 300ml or something or just a splash in a cup of coffee if I dont have cereal and when I do that should I record it as a healthy extra even if I have only used say 50ml a day?
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I am in the same boat, so would be interested to hear.

I never use my milk, and rarely have cheese, but I have a couple of yogurts everyday, so I hope I am getting enough calcium from that.

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Healthy Extras are there to be used to ensure you get the necessary 'healthy extras - calcium, fibre etc.' for a healthy diet. If you take SW to the letter you should use your HEs and if not, but say have a dash of milk only, then this should be synned. Speak to your C about it if you go to class and if not wait to see what replies you get to this thread! xxx


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someone on here once said if you dont use all your HE's the plan doesnt work as well.

So if you made a cake, but missed one of the ingrediants, its not going to work....

bit like SW

Free food + superfree food + 2 x HE's and syns = weight loss!

i would advise you to speak to your consultant regarding the calcium issue.



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Agree with Ellebear - you need to have your HEs or you are not really going to see the results!
That might be why Im not losing that much. Looks like Im going to have to start sprinkling cheese on meals and having a glass of milk before bed! haha


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My C said if you dont use the full quota per HEX then you need to syn what you have had?! sounds bonkers but i guess it means you have the correct amount of calcium or fibre.


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Yes, if you dont have the full amount that is stated in your He, then you do have to count it as syns.
If you weigh out say for example 1oz cheese (dont grate it as grated it will look more!), you will see that it isnt actually a lot! There are other things that you could have as a HeB..such as Alpen light bars, dried fruit, bread - just as long as its the stated amount in the book.
One thing that I am really enjoying at the moment is the Asda wholemeal pitta bread - you can have one as a HeB and I have various fillings - delicious!


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Sorry but i'm going to disagree here. The SW website clearly states that not having your HEs will not impact on your weight loss. And the question of whether you need to syn it if you don't have the full amount has not been definitively answered. Some consultants say you do and others that you don't. I've been a SW member for 9 years and have never heard anybody told this.

Q: Do I have to eat all my Healthy Extras every day?

A: It won't affect your weight loss if you don't take all your Healthy Extra choices. However, the Healthy Extra section is there to ensure a balanced diet, so from a health point of view we recommend that you enjoy all your Healthy Extras each day
Id rather have more!!!

Thats the only thing i dont like about EE, i miss my extra a and b :(

I love cheese, bread and alpen bars for mine :)
At my group we are told it healther to use them but won't effect your weight loss at all,they are put in place to insure a balance diet!! I didn't use all mine last week and got a good weight loss.:eek:
I agree fully with Circes - you don't have to have your healthy extras and if you don't have the full amount you don't have to syn whatever you've had.
I know some Consultants have apparently said this but I've never heard it.

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