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Is it bye bye nut crunch bars?

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I phoned my counsellor last night as I opened a nut crunch bar and it had loads of mould on it (had a bb date of 28th May 08). Left a message on her answerphone and when she phoned back she said that they are being withdrawn because of it as it's happened before.

That's a pain cos they're my favourite bar - been having them almost every day sprinkled on hot banana custard ...... best get Jamie O round here to sort me something else out!
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Sorry kate, can't say I will be gutted, but then I have never had them in custard.
Thought they were like munching cardboard. Actually worse than that :D
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I love then. Now I am going to pout. :(

Ali, they are nice chopped up and baked in a muffin. :)

That's very dissappointing. I really really like them. If they take away the Raspberry, then thats me done the bars. :(
I must admit, I never liked them, like chewing on MDF!!:eek: Now the new peanut bars, that's a different story, love those! I haven't had a bar since I stopped LL in October, so will have to wait until next Tuesday before I can get my grubby mitts on them!


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Hi, don't want to start a panic but at my last session on Monday we were told that we were out of the Toffee bars as well as the Cranberry and Raspberry bars. Apparently there has been such demand for the Cranberry ones that the suppliers can't keep up and we don't know when we're going to have anymore. Majorily gutted as it now means i'm on banana and vanilla milkshakes for the next 2.5 months, ahhhhhhhhhhhh
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Who will you go to then Fenella - is there another LLC local to you?

Tonight I'm having a home made snicker bar - going to top the peanut bar with chocolate and put it in the freezer .... well my son is :)


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I did have a bar which was mouldy a month or so ago but I put them into my choc muffins and I am gutted they are no longer available. I was at group tonight and she isn't allowed to give them out. Bummer!!!
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Yep, really bad news. When I binned the one last night I opened another that had the same date on it and that was fine .... so I ate that one :D
I really hope they aren't going away. A person at my group got a couple of mouldy ones.. I haven't had that issue yet...
For all those of you that I like the nut crunch or are just adventurous, try half a nut crunch and half a toffee sandwiched on top of each other and then just bit into it. There is something about those 2 flavours together that is just delicious!!
I wasn't recommended the nut bar so haven't even tried one yet! And so far we have not had any peanut or cranberry ones at my class to be able to try :(

The lemon is my fave and I like the toffee one made into biscuits :D

My LLC mentioned that new bars are due out in February, i think? :confused:
I was wrong - my LLC just meant that she would be getting in bars that were new to us ie. the peanut and cranberry ones. Sorry if I got your hopes up! :sigh:

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