Is it day one for anyone else?


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Just wandering if anyone else is startting CD SS today?

If so do you fancy a diet buddy?

If not then i'll struggle along on my little lonesome.:( :(

Hi Helen,
day three again for me on this crazy diet, i am online at the mo so come and have a chat.

Love Busy XX
Hi Helen

Day 2 for me, giving it another go for the third time . Not too bad first time around ,lost just under 2 stone, as soon as I went to add a meal,my attitude changed. mind you did have a lot of different events to go to. Second time I wasn't in the write frame of mind so failed after a week. Just spent the last week convincing myself I can do this and feeling very positive, so at the moment thinking about the little black dress that is calling me for christmas.
Day 4

And its day 4 for me today .. feeling a bit grumpy but only cos I want some ham or chicken with some cheese!!

I want to go back to bed and forget about food!
its near the end for me on cd but i wanted to wish you well, and tell you it is worth it and drink lots of water lol good luck :)