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Is it important to use all your syns?

Hi all, I'm in my first week of SW and my consultant has advised me to use up to ten syns a day. However I've not got near that figure as I've been eating like a horse on the free food lol! Is it necessary to use up your syns? I've been full so didn't want extra food. What do people think?
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Hi krupskaya

Not sure if you've searched through previous posts, but, you should use your syns....so that you 1. don't feel deprived and 2. so that if you hit a plateau, you can cut down on syns and you will still lose.

Maybe try to incorporate your syns into your meals with sauces etc? There are lots of posts on here on how to use your syns, just do a search :) xx


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If you struggle with 10 as I feel the guilt if I have anything too naughty I do just go for 5 but make sure you use at least that .
i think the general idea of syns is to make the plans not feel as restricted, if you didnt have syns most people wouldnt be able to stick yo plan, but by introducing syns, you open up the variety of foods and mentally the plans are easier to stick to , a lot of "diets" fail as folks cheat then feel guilty , then think whats the point!, and drop out altogether, if youre losing and feel strong with using less syns you should be fine, but dont stop eating you still need to eat lots of free food, if your using less syns , you just need to be able to recognise that your slipping and start using the righ amount
I think I am following basically the same plan as you, and I know how you feel! I'm new too, and really "in the zone" so i think naturally we try to be extra extra good if you see what I mean! I too eat like a horse on the free food (hahaha!) especially as the strawberries and cherries are in season. I'm going to be bright red by the end! It's true what the ladies say though, try to eat syns every day - you'll defo thank yourself when you reach a plateau, which we all do sooner or later :)

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X

Mrs V

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Have to agree with the others Hun.
I have my syns for Hellmans extra light mayo, Asda cheese curls crisps, the occasional 2 finger kitkat, gravy granules and/or cheese.
I used to struggle with eating things that would take me past 2 syns a day...now...no problem at all and I love the plan!

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