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Is it just me


Want to be a yummy mummy!
I am so so uptight an moody all the time lately! Everything my b/f does pee's me off and I am so snappy and picky at everything he does! I know its the diet, I dont particularly feel angry and fed up about not eating, I am doing really well - but just for some reason he is winding me up something chronic but he isnt really doing anything!

Anyone else find this - and how to chill out a bit!? xxx
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is a naughty girl...
I have just read a book on getting over stress and there is a very interesting part in there.

Apparently you should lie on your bed eyes shut and think of a time when you are really happy and relaxed and think about it over and over again while pushing your thumb and third finger together. go over the thought about 10 times. then open your eyes and push your fingers together and feel the relaxing vibe come over you.

When I feel stressed I know pub my finger and thumb together and it reminds me of the lovely memory I have and I chill out!

Does all that make sense? sound silly?



Want to be a yummy mummy!
It does make sense and I will try it... thank you! Just wondered if this was a side effect for anyone else x


Mistress of the Dark
Yep! It's like having permanent PMT. I have ranted so much about my OH and I realised yesterday that I have been beastly to him and he doesn't deserve it really :(