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is it just me

Hi. I started bak on w.w discover on friday and I seem 2 b strugglin! I seem to get realy bad headaches round tea tym and they dont shift til I give in at bed tym and reach 4 the pills!! I used 2 drink alot ov coffee b4 2 curb my appetite but cnt do that now coz dnt want to use loads ov points on milk. Then I thort it cud b coz im not eatin crap at nite tym so my body is just adjustin. I must say I have gone 2 bed a few tyms wit a rumblin tum and no points left!! Think im feelin sory 4 myself 2day coz I ate 4 points ova last nite and I feel bloated and a failure this morn! I just want a gud result 4 wi on friday then I no it wil have been all worth it. Not even thru my first week and moanin,how bad is that. Has anybody else had a simular first week? Guna have a word with myself this morn n pik myself up.xxx
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You need to make sure you spread your points out for the day and save some for after tea to snack on low point snacks! I have a hot choc and pink and white and it satisfies me. The headaches are probably from the coffee as your used to the caffiene! Drink plenty of water and it should reduce headaches. Just give it time as it takes a while to readjust!
Hi shabba thanx I will do. I feel alot beta with myself I refuse 2 get down about it. I dont think I have been usin my points 2 gud so il try and use them better. Im fine in the day but as soon as kids r in bed I just wana sit down and eat! Just gota retrain my body and im sure il get there.x


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Sometimes it helps to have a moan. My first week was really tricky, I struggled a lot. This week I have tried a new approach and shared out my weekly allowance so I aren't left hungry. I'll see if it works. If not I'll try another approach next week x
Hi shabba thanx I will do. I feel alot beta with myself I refuse 2 get down about it. I dont think I have been usin my points 2 gud so il try and use them better. Im fine in the day but as soon as kids r in bed I just wana sit down and eat! Just gota retrain my body and im sure il get there.x
I would say the headaches are defo from caffeine withdrawal & agree they will go with time, it shouldn't take too long, a few days....it's a big adjustment! I get headaches when I come off booze, how bad is that?!

With regards to food I am a late night muncher too & feel peckish about an hour or so after dinner....I am eating enough it's just I've always had big meals in the evening. I try & keep half (if not more) of my pp for dinner & afterwards & don't be afraid to dip into weeklies....although saving them for a mega treat is always good :D try the low or zero point soups, they are filling, I had mine yesterday topped with creme fraiche (half fat), a tuna side salad, with low fat dressing & 2 oatcakes & apple - 6pp. It takes a while to get your head round it but I'm sure you'll get there :)
Hi girls thanx 4 your support. I dont get weeklies coz im doin the discover plan so wen my points 4 the day have gone thats it!! Im tryin 2 use my points a little beta tho and last nite made a lovely spag bol which kept me full up all nite. I was amazed!!! I used 2 have realy big portions 2 although I didnt n o they was that big at the tym. I also cud have my tea and then b hungry an hour afta! I used 2 binge big tym im not talkin a couple ov bags ov crisps eitha im talkin sandwiches,cereal, sausage rolls,choc woteva I cud get my hands on! How bad is that and that was just in 1 nite. Im so lukin 4ward 2 my first wi 2moz morn. Realy hope all my hard work has paid off. Fingers crossed.x
Hi every1! Wel its my first wi 2day and ive lost 3 pound, woohoo!!! My headaches have gone now and im feelin so much better,at last! Has anybody tried the nume range at morrisons? There amazin and so tasty! They have the w.w points on them 2. The brekfast bars r amazin. Last nite I had 1 ov there meals 4 tea, sweet chilli chicken and noodles. Wow its hot my lips went numb but it was so nice. If anybody likes spicey food then def try it!!! Oh and the nume cottage cheese with mixed fruit is amazeballs!! 1 point 4 halfa tub. It has passion fruit and pineapple amd mango in it, sooo gud! Dont even get me started on the nume crisps, id b here all day! Anybody else tried them.x


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Well done :)

I've heard fab things about the morrisons range. Industry go check it out. Spicy food is awesome for loosing weight, as is pepper as it speeds up your metabolism.

Keep up the fab work xx


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Oh no I don't like it that spicy.

I'm making a curry tonight and I had pataks mild curry paste in my cupboard to use, I just pointed it and it's 8pp!!
Does anyone know of any that are better points value than this?
Wish we had morrisons in Ireland (it if we do I never ward it before) its great they have the ww point on this nume brand - can u buy it elsewhere or online even?
Im not sure I dont think u can but I mite b wrong. Oh im so addicted 2 nume the brekie bars r 2 die 4 and the crisps r so worth it. Ive heard that the tesco healthy livin range r supposed 2 me gud but I havent tried them.x
Oh I am so poor at pointing stuff - I much rather buy the ww brand and know wht the points r - lazy r what!!!!
Wel it is a lot easier I must admit. Think I mite have a w.w bagel toasted with cheese and hunny. Haha how awful does that sound but tastes sooo gud. Friday nite treat.x
Don't u wish they would put the points on everything you can buy then it'd be much easier to see what was worth eating ... I have ww choc muffins in the kitchen that I am thinking I havin out of my weekly points ....... 5pp
The ww Tins of soup are 2pp and are lovely - u can get them in dunnes tesco supervalue dealz etc.... I have them most days for lunch! I ate the muffin it was lovely!
Aww gud 4 u. If u cnt have a friday nite treat wen can u. I had my bagel and im not jokin I am so ful and bloated. This tym last week I wud have had2 and not battered an eyelid!! Think my stomachs shrunk.haha.x
I still coulda ate two of the muffins - just outta greed tho - I will look fwd to one tomorrow instead now ... But sure thats what the weeklies are for right!!! And I drank them lady weekend so I am enjoying a change this weekend!