Is it just me....


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
or is anyone else freezing cold tonight???? I'm tempted to put the heating on! :eek:
I must admit that I haven't yet put my heating on. That goes on in October :D

I did feel chilly this evening though, and am no longer walking around naked, so it must be really cold.
I'm really cold!!! You're right though DQ it could be my outfit....crop top and shorts!!! :eek: Now, there's a fantasy! :p
Reckon he's got cold feet!!! :D :D .....geddit?? Cold feet!
C' know it was funny!!! :D
Cor blimey its nippy!

:cool:'s cold over here in Eastcote 17 oC! so you must be freezing Diva 3 miles away! its 12 oC!!! Just checked forecast. Get those thermals out love. :cool: xxx
We're never 3 miles apart....we could walk it in 20 mins!!! :eek:
OMG!!! I have....I would never have mentioned the "W" word before!!! :eek: