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Extra Easy Is it just too Easy??


New at this so hope that I am posting ok etc.

I have looked around on here and read lots of comments from lots of people but wondered if there were some people out there just using the Extra Easy plan who could tell me how that has worked out for them.

I have been following SW for a couple of weeks now and lost maybe 2lb or so (slow and steady wins the day I guess).

I started thinking I would follow the Red plan as the Exta Easy seemed too good to be true....but rapidly came to think that I would prefer the Extra Easy and also it would make it easier to stick to the plan.

All thoughts and comment gratefully received.


Mrs Kitty
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I am a relatively slow looser as well, and have mosty done extra easy, losing 1.5lbs a week on average - now i've lost 39lbs.

I tried red & green days - like you i thought it would boost my losses. In reality all that happened is i felt restricted, and like i had to think far too much about it. With extra easy i just adapted all my old recipes & added some new ones in. I could only think of about 3 red meals & 2 green meals. Plus my OH does not consider a meal complete unless it has meat on it - so i was cooking 2 meals some nights. I ended up falling off plan at least 2 days a week for a month & for 2 weeks completely & then gained 2lbs as a result.

Thats a good thing about being a slow looser though - less likely to have massive gains when you do go off plan :)

Stick to what you enjoy - remember its a lifestyle change.
I am a VERY slow loser, which is unfortunate but just the way it is for me.

As a veggie I used to do Green which I loved but the amount of pasta etc I was personally eating was crazy, my meals were pretty huge & obviously more filling as they were based around carbs. When I swapped to EE I ate so much more veg & it just works better for me. I have better losses, albeit its still coming off slowly. I used to lose 3 weeks in a row then have a few weeks where I'd sts or gain for no reason, with EE that doesn't happen. I love veg so much more & totally put it down to the EE plan.
I'm a mixed loser i tend to have a huge loss, small loss, STs that's been my pattern on my SW journey and extra easy all the way. Tried red for a week but same just had to think too much and it was too much effort.

I think extra easy is realistic as it's something you could stick with for life without feeling like your on a diet. Who wants big losses anyway? Slow and steady wins the race and keeping it off long term is really important too :)
I didn't have a huge amount to lose but did it on mainly EE and green days. At first I thought the diet was too good to be true and wouldn't work for me because I was smaller than some people who do it but it really does work. I only had small losses too, about a pound a week on average. At first I found this frustrating but I soon realised that SW is a way of life not a quick fix so I didn't mind. OH likes meat so I maintain now on EE and green, I love fruit and veg so usually have plenty no matter what day I'm on. I still fall off the wagon occasionally with one too many takeaways but mostly I love SW and have fun with it,cooking and trying new recipes. Good luck! Xx
Thank you everyone - basically that is what I wanted to hear.

My ideology is to try and lose weight gradually and cut out most of the rubbish that I was eating before without never being able to go out and have a meal with friends as I agree that would be awful to try and sustain that!

So hearty thanks - sure it will be a slow road but if its a genuine change I can live with that :D

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