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Is it me or is Atkins complicated?


plodding away
Hi all

It must be my age ;) but I have been looking into Atkins and reading the posts on this site, even got the book out of the library, it seems like a lot of faffing in working out carbs and all that. I thought you just had to stick to the lists of allowed foods, or am I just wishful thinking? Am I missing something?

Must admit I would find it difficult to know what to eat for breakfast or to take to work for lunch, so have not started it although am interested.

Help gratefully received!

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well jim has posted a sticky in this forum to tell you what you CAN eat on induction. its not complicated at all.

Basically you can eat meat freely including some fats.
Dont eat processed meat like turkey ham or sausages etc
Lots of green veggies including leafy greens but not peas or beans
Cheese, cream may - all full fat
No fruit on induction

For instance, for breakky I would have:
Eggmayo with bacon chopped up
chicken sald for lunch (salad being spinach, lettuice, toms, spring onion and sliced peppers with full fat mayo)
Steah for tea stuffed with boursin cream cheese, roast peppers, roast onion and mushroom in a creamy homemade sauce
Welcome :) It isn't any more complicated than counting calories, you just read the pack, and make sure you stay within the daily limit, be it on induction or owl. Meat and fish are free, as (pretty much) are eggs. If you read the thread on what we are eating today it might help. Remember though that Jim has far more carbs as he is maintaining, and not losing. Hth.
Hi vanda, welcome to the Atkins forum. You can make this plan as complicated or as simple as you like really. You can eat as much unprocessed meat as you like and have 3 mugs of green leaf salad veggies a day. That's a simple as it gets. :D. As the girls said, read the stickies and then we'll advise you from there. Good Luck.


plodding away
Thanks all

I am thinking a bit clearer today for how long who knows so am making the most of it and getting some ideas on meals without carbs. You didnt realise how much i relied on the c word until i tried to think of what to eat without any!

Hi Vanda, I think when you first start Atkins it takes a while to realise how much you have to change your mind set from other diets love, Atkins really turns all the usual dieting rules on their head. Fat is good, Full fat is better. LOL
Hi Laura, welcome to Atkins if you do decide to come over.

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