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is it ok to eat this

i took a customer out today this looked the safest think on the menu.
have i done the right thing, i left as much of the sauce i could, had a diect coke and not a beer.

Ravioli Con Ricotta E Spinaci £9.95
Fresh ravioli filled with ricotta cheese & spinach, in a fresh spinach, sun dried tomato and mascarpone cheese sauce
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I dunno but it sounds lovely! If your having a green or Extra Easy day then the pasta would have been ok, the only thing is the 2 types of cheese, which you would have to estimate amounts in order to try and figure out syns.

Maybe next time try to go for a pasta with a tomato based sauce if possible something like an arrabbiata or a puttanesca.


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Not exactly the same I know but ball park figure and not horrendously high in syns.

Basic/Non Branded Foods Italian Restaurant, Ravioli, Four Cheese, average portion 320g serving

Original 18 Syns
Green 8 Syns
when you're eating out sauces can be lethal for syns. it's best to go for a tomato sauce without cream or cheese in it if you can. it does sound delicious though!
even if its fifteen its not too bad, i never normally have them,

i had two pieces of weight watchers bread (toast) little bit of spread on it,
a banana and an apple mid morning with a brew.
that for my dinner .
tea, two jacket spuds with nowt on and a yoghurt,
do you think i have chosen well? im on a green day. if you can tell already
Think your menu is as good as it could have been for the day. Just make sure ur having your HEA ona normal day, u could get away with it that day because of the cheese sauce was so full of it!
i put 100 gms on according to my digital scales, from yesterday morning till this morning, so it cant have been that bad,
going to have a couple of meat days as im out again on sat night, i will probably have that as a meat day as well, and have chicken etc at the party
Mascarpone cheese is quite high in fat, that's why it's so lush :)

Basic/Non Branded Foods Cheese, basic, Mascarpone 28g

Original 6 Syns
Green 6 Syns

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