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Is it ok to eat untill you hurt on SW????


Got to do it this time
Hi All,

Just cooked a meal it was yum yum!

Passata with Basil
Chopped onions
a whole bag of quorn meatballs

I'm sooooooo full and it was all free! I know you must fit superfree foods in too but I wonder whether I should be watching portion sizes too really........

What are your thoughts?
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no hon i would actually stop when i feel full, if you hurt it means you have eaten tooo much. if there are leftovers save some for lunch tomorrow
adding - at this moment i dont take care of portion control however i have a regular bowl that i have my pastas in and if i make too much i then have leftovers for next day


Got to do it this time
Thanks Ronnie - I am used to eating to the point of OTT lol hence why I am on a diet!

I will look at the portion sizes
honestly just eat until you are full, that is kind of the whole point of free food. when the weight stops coming off then maybe look at portion control at the moment its more about eating the right things
I realised at xmas that portion control was key - went to Dublin for xmas with best mate and her family - husband is italian and first night he made a lovely pasta - me and my girls thought it was a starter - their portions were half the size of ours usually. However they are slim - not necessarily naturally but BF is an actress and has to watch her weight for roles, and hubby is vain and likes to look good. It was a lesson learnt.

Recently I read that a portion of meat should be the size of a fist, which felt really small. I decided to try it out and bought some really lovely steak filet - more expensive than I would normally buy, but because it was cut small it actually worked out the same as a larger bit of sirloin or rib. It was like cutting into butter and was absolutely delicious - and we were satisfied with the smaller portion because of that.


Got to do it this time
Yea I suppose also if it is a life style change then it has to be part of that changes doesn't it? Equally if I end up falling off for a night or going out for a meal then being used to a smaller portion would mean that it would be a smaller amount of 'bad'

I am doing sw as well and finding it hard to stuff it all in
i think its different for everyone when i first started slimming world at over 19stone i just ate free foods all day didnt matter if it was pasta rice or other green day foods and i would still lose however when i started getting lighter i did have to start eating less as it was making me gain and i am quite inactive so maybe if i was able to do normal day things it wouldnt but i do have to watch my portions now at 12.09 stone :)
As the others have said eat until your pleasantly full and not 'stuffed'. Also try to eat when you're actually hungry, not just bored, stressed etc - though easier said than done lol!!! Good luck.

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