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is it ok

Sorry...two dinners? Did you mean lunch for one of those meals?

Re. the veg. Yes! Eat as much as you like. Veg is superfree and filling :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
You can eat that with no problems at all Huni!

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
Sorry...two dinners? Did you mean lunch for one of those meals?
Hahaha! Ooohhh, Hellie, you're so posh!!

Before I ran away, to live in the slums of Manchester, I lived in a very posh part of Brighton and my kid went to a £10,000 per year public school (now he goes to an inner-city comp!). ANYWAY, he is always picking me up for calling lunch "dinner". :D
LOL! That's cos I lived in London for 6 years and I had to modify my language. Now I'm back oop North, I usually refer to it as 'dinner' and 'tea'!! But I never call it dinner and dinner. That would just be too confusing for my little brain. I hear other people say dinner for lunch and I have to admit sometimes it makes me cringe...that's my inner London snob sneaking out! LOL!

One of my London mates has lunch and supper. Supper! LOL! To me, supper is what you have after your tea...you know...the evening snack that's really another small meal!

Scarlet Daisy

Hungry For Life
Yeah... Dinner, then tea, then supper (which I've always regarded as naughty anyway!). I was born and raised on the Isle Of Sheppey, so I'm more redneck than anything.

Dinner and dinner is a bit mad but working out what it meant wasn't as much fun as teasing you. :D


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I'm a bit hit and miss with this.... I tend to have lunch but then call my evening meal tea, but also have supper!!!
I suppose, properly, it should be breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner then supper...
I'm confused now :(

Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Whats all these tea and suppers about?!!! Lol

Tea to me is a drink.

If you have something after dinner which isn't dessert then it is called a snack or something small to me lol
Oh but of course! I was thinking about what went on mid-morning! LOL!

Frequent, smaller meals is clearly the way forward :giggle: Well, maybe not smaller...

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Ha ha...now the can of worms has been opened! Lol
I call it lunch, tea, dinner...I lived in London for 6 years and had to change my accent from broad welsh to "non discript" Lol
I used to call it dinner and supper.
If you call it tea, then anything after your tea is pudding.

If it's after your dinner, it's dessert (that's the posh version!) LOL!