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Is it possible to be in Ketosis and not lose


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S: 28st4lb G: 12st0lb
Well I can answer that ... it seems so

I seem to have hit a glitch with my weight loss

Last week I only lost 3 and so far this week Ive lost only 1 though I havent cheated and I have never been out of ketosis

I am drinking loads of water

Help? Im losing it ...and it aint the weight - I had hoped for 5 pounds a week as I have loads to lose but this last two weeks have not happened at all.
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Hi cmcewn,

How long lave you been on the diet? And what have your losses been so far?

You may be retaining water, so you'd have lost fat but the water weight means it doesn't show on the scales. Have you done your measurements? You may have lost inches.

Remember a pound is still a loss, and you may have an even bigger loss last week to even it out.

If you are in ketosis you are definitely burning fat :D The maths makes it impossible not to- your body cannot live on the calories in the packs so uses your fat stores to make up the deficit.

Keep going and I'm sure you'll see a fab loss next week


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S: 28st4lb G: 12st0lb

Wk 1 - 16 lbs (16), Wk 2 - 9 lbs (25), Wk 3 - 7 lbs (32), Wk 4 - 3 lbs (35)

My losses are above .. I know that 35 pounds is good for 4 weeks but I have another 185 pounds to lose .. this week Ive only gone down 1 pound so far and my weigh in is Monday so Im in panic mode.

Am I being unreasonable .... ? :rolleyes:

PS: I just finished my TOTM


somebody shrink me
There you go! I always retain water with totm, all is not lost!!

Wait till your weigh-in and I bet you'll have lost some more:D :D
hey, if your anything like me you will retain water esp around totm. so thatl be why the loss isnt showing on the scales! ut id put money on it that you may have lost a inch or 4 somewhere! i gained a pound around my totm and stil went down an inch around my waist it was great! just keep at it and it will all show eventually!
Well done on the great weightloss btw, s amazin!

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