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Is it really possible???


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Hey people

Getting myself into a mess here :cry:Is it really really possible to have a fantastic week, a 100% week and actually not lose or even gain.

I've been 100% for 10 days now - I lost 2 pounds last week which was from the monday to the thursday as I'd been away from friday till sunday evening. I went on the scales tonight, its offical WI tomorrow evening and my scales are showing that I've actually gained a pound. When I say a 100% I really mean 100% Nothing has passed my lips that should n't done, I've been pretty much having all my HEX choices and I've never gone over my syns, most day using around 5-10 syns a day. :break_diet:
How is that possible????? I mean the last time I put on, which is the one and only time I have since I started the plan was on a week where I'd been good but I would n't say 100% like I've done for the last 10 days.

I need to get my head round this cause if I have gained I'm not going to react in a good way but I want to avoid what I did last time which was to have a complete melt down and go over to Tesco Express and had a binge! I could n't even face staying to class, went home and snuck in the house and got into bed, took my husband 2 hours to actually realise I was home.

I'm going to be so so disappointed if I have n't had a good loss, I really dont understand it but I'm preparing myself from now to expect that and I guess if I do lose that will be a bonus. :cry::cry::cry:
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Allia my dear, you are having what I like to call an 'inch week'.

Get out the tape measure. And wait until about 5 days from now, when you're still on plan, when your body decides to magically shed itself of about 3-5lbs all in one go.

Happens. Hang in there.


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I've been 100% and am suffering from unexplained gain and maintains ... they are disheartening! BUT WOW you're losses initially were remarkable!!!!!! Stick in there - fingers crossed you'll lose anyway.


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TBH it could be your scales. Mine are always out (and from what I hear a lot of other peoples from here) so I don't weigh myself at home anymore. Sometimes my home scales are out by up to 4lb! Wait til the weigh in and see what the WI scales are, they are incredibly accurate.
It might be different when you WI tomorrow - don't despair! Everyone has weeks like this!
Alia, you have lost over 40lb in a relatively short space of time. Now and again, your body needs a break to catch up with itself. That is all this is. Just a breather for your body. Dont panic. The scales are not as important as what you are doing to improve your life. Keep that in mind. Think about WHY you are doing this. What you want to achieve. And remember to breathe. The world will not end tomorrow whatever the scales say. You have to keep moving forward on this path to get to where you want to be. Remember going for an emotional binge is laden with its own upset. You eat, you feel crappy for letting it break you.

IF you dont lose tomorrow, which no-one can say for sure, then it is just a minor blip. The path is much longer and more fulfilling than one duff weigh in. It happens. To all of us. But how we deal with it is the crucial part. Remember you have CHOICES. You can choose to fill that brief emotional upset with food OR you can choose to shrug it off, and keep going. You need to think about it. If you gain or STS, and there is no good reason or explanation for it, then its just one of those things, and doesnt have to mean anything other than "its just one of those things". You will catch back up.

Now relax, stop worrying about things that might not even happen, and keep taking those steps forward.


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Allia my dear, you are having what I like to call an 'inch week'.

Get out the tape measure. And wait until about 5 days from now, when you're still on plan, when your body decides to magically shed itself of about 3-5lbs all in one go.

Happens. Hang in there.
This is so true, and there is actually a physiological reason for it, which might help to cheer up anyone who's dealing with this frustration right now.

Fat cells are curious little *******. They don't mind losing fat, but they DO hate losing volume. In other words, they will do whatever they can to stay the same size as long as possible. So, when fat is lost from the cells, what they sometimes do is replace it with fluid, so they stay the same size.

This is why you sometimes notice you're losing inches while the scales are saying you haven't lost weight. You HAVE lost fat, but it's been temporarily replaced by fluid. Eventually the fat cells let go of this fluid, and that's when you see the loss on the scales.

Hope that helps. :)


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So much good advice above that I agree with 100%.
Nothing to add but a big hug.


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Yes it is possible, i was 100% last week and i gained 2lb!:cry:
I wanted to come home and just stuff my face but i resisted, and i am determined to have another 100% week, and I WILL lose this week, if you go on the SW website you can print of some SAS logs, very detailed food diarys, my C wants me to do that this week,
If you do gain, dont binge you will only feel worse afterwards, though i know it is easier said than done,
Good luck for WI


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I know that your 100% but are you actually eating enough? someone in my group was 100% for 3 weeks and gained 1lb the first week and sts the other 2 our c got her to do a food diary and it turned out she wasnt eating enough so her metabolism had slowed. It will all catch up so dont worry about it! Which I know is easier said than done


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I haven't got anything to say to you that nobody else on here has said. What I will say though is stick at it hun, you gave me some nice kind and encouraging words yesterday and I'd like to do the same back. I guess we all have good weeks and bad weeks and our bodies like playing tricks on us, just don't rise to it, keep your chin up and carry on because it will come off at some point (like others have said) and you may feel down tomorrow if you have gained or STS, however this time next week your body might have decided to be nice to you and shed the pounds you would have lost this week, plus the pounds for the next week and imagine how you will feel then. After the weigh in tonight, just remember how elated you have been when you have lost some pounds and please don't let this set you back any. You have had good losses so far so don't worry about the odd week.

Sending you massive hugs hun :) xxx


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I'm going to sound a little bit harsh here to start with, mainly because I can't help myself. I go on and on about this to my friends at class, because it's so important:

Chuck out your bathroom scales! Put them in the bin! Get rid of them!

Or give them to your husband and tell him to keep them in his car, or at work, or somewhere - anywhere where you can't get at them.

The main reason why Slimming World (and all other weight loss groups) weighs its members once a week is that weighing any less often than that doesn't give a true and accurate reflection of your weight loss. It's possible to have 5 or 6 pounds difference in your weight simply from morning to night, let alone from one day to the next.

Home scales are also horribly inaccurate. Ours are a relatively new set, and when my husband weighs himself with them he still has to stand on them about 4 times to get two readings the same. Which is why I won't go anywhere near them.

It really is best to stick to weighing in once a week at class, on the officially calibrated scales, that way you won't have your home scales giving you false hope - or as on this occasion, giving you cause to spend the next 24 hours worrying.

Honey, you've lost over 40lb already! Keep doing what you're doing, you're doing something right!

Good luck lovey, let us know how you get on. :flowers:


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Another one here who has been helped hugely by your encouraging words in the last couple of days!;)

Alia goodluck for tonight!
Are you drinking enough? Have you maybe eaten a bit of salty food recently?

For me unexplained weight gains or sts are always my body holding on to water.
Try not to worry, you might find it's just your scales.

You are doing so well!
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Good luck for your weigh in hun and like the others said just hang in there if you have been 100% then you would of lost inches if not weight. If there is a gain then by next week it should of caught up with itself and you will have a good loss next week. Good luck hun x
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There's lots of good advice here - but I'll add mine as well. I know exactly how you feel - this happened to me a few weeks ago, and I thought about leaving the group, but stayed and then cried when it came to my turn!!! Felt really embarrassed, but then others reminded me how they cried at group when it happened to them. I have been doing this for nearly a year now and my weight loss has been slow (1 stone 8lb down), but I have never eaten so well and felt so normal! It would be madness to give up now.


Wishing and hoping!
I am a bit crap at moment due to difficulties in my personal life to stay 100% every day. I just take each day as it comes, try to learn from it and if struggling use flex syns!


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Thank you so much for your kind words and advice, you have all really helped me so much. I weigh in about 3 hours and I'm ok now, if I have not lost or I have maintained I know why.

I think I'm not eating enough. It does n't does n't seem to make sense does it but I think that might be the problem. For example today its ten to four and I've just sat down for the first time to day having not eaten or drunk anything except water and I've got a mug shot. I'm trying to keep myself so busy in the house to stop myself thinking about food that it seems to have had a extreme effect where I'm not eating anything until 3 or 4 in the afternoon which I know is all wrong and I need to start having breakfast so tomorrow even if nothing else I'll have a banana and some melon for breakfast.

I'm going to try to ditch the scales although that won't be easy for me cause I've only just got to a weight where I'm not too heavy to weigh on them :eek: I don't think I'll be strong enough to ditch them all together right away so I'm going to say at least only step on them every 3 days - thats a huge start for me, I'm kind of obsessed. They do weigh differently to SW scales, there seems to be about a 2-3 pound difference.

You are all so lovely here and made me feel so much better, proves to me how much we all need a support network around us and I luv you all.

Will let you know how I when I get back around 9pm tonight.



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Good luck at your weigh in, look forward to hearing how you get on! :)


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After all of that it was 2 1/2 pounds off - really relieved but there is a part of me thats still a bit disappointed, patience is not one of my strong points lol :rolleyes:

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