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Is it worth a new start at a new group?????

I have been going to a group for about the last 6 months and have lost the great sum of ZILCH !!

Even when I have had a good week I have only managed to loose about half a pound and then put it back on again. I dont know what I have been doing wrong.

To be fair, I have been working away a lot over the summer - drinking and eating in restaurants so where I would normally have put weight on I suppose I have stayed the same.

The consultant at the class said that if she could get me to stay that she might 'be able to do something with me'. I have stayed in the past but there is a big group of women that talk constantly and exclude everyone else.

A couple of times the consultant has had to tell them politely to shut up whilst others have been speaking. I just dont want to stay at her meetings at all.

I decided not to go last week but I can feel myself slipping back into eating all the things that I shouldn't.

I just dont know whether to give up or try a different class - I just feel totally demotivated.:cry::cry:
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try another class you have nothing to lose, if your not getting any motivation from the class then that wont be helping you at all, try another one and see how you go
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Hey hun

I would try a different class, a new start, wipe the slate clean. The consultant at your current class obviously does not have enough time for all her members as she would have sat you down and had a good chat with you about any problems you may be having. I would start a new class and it may re-motivate you, you may find having some new people around you really helpful and make some new friends etc.

Don't worry about the last six months you can't change those, but think about the next six months- do you want to just keep doing the same? Or do you want a new start, a new target and some new motivation?

You can do it, its just a matter of finding the right group who will support you and where you feel confident and motivated to go :)

Hope that helps

Claire xx


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I would find a different class and you need to post an honest food diary on here and ask for some input/advice. You can lose the weight but if you are not following the plan properly then it won't work and its easy to make a mistake and think something is free/less syns than it actually is. My DH hasn't quite got it yet! - still tries to add butter to mashed swede and thought the mushrooms would be better if fried in bacon fat and he has been doing SW with me for 7 weeks now (we have both lost :) )
Thanks for your comments - posting a food diary would probably be a good idea...I gave up filling them in after I handed one in and she never even looked at it..

Your right - I need to draw a line and somehow tell myself that its the beginning all over again.

Thanks for your help

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Well no wonder you've not lost anything, you've had no support whatsoever, you've defiately nothing to lose be joining another class.

Yes post your food diary and it may be worth searching the threads for eating out i.e. what's the best to eat & where.

Or you can always post where you're going to be eating & ask for recomendations.

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