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Is it worth it?

I have been doing SW since January 2010 and in the 1st 8 weeks I lost 13lbs. Was only ever 1 or 2lbs per week with the odd STS. I was really pleased as I was losing weight and was never hungry. Since losing the 1st 13lbs my weight has gone up and down and 9 mths later I have put on 6lbs of the 13lbs lost (I have never regained the full 13lbs , think the most I have regained was 7lbs). I try really hard to follow the plan 100% but get so down when I do and I put on weight or stay the same so I go mad and binge for days at a time telling myself it doesn't work (I know it does if you stay on plan 13lbs in 8 weeks showed me that).Due to working hours and a small child I was unable to make it to a class so joined on line. To be honest I have found it hopeless, the emails they send just don't motivate me at all. I'm now a full time mum so could get to a class but as I don't have a salary I would find it hard to justify the money for class every week. I already find it a very expensive plan to follow (I tend to do mostly EE with the odd green day thrown in). Is the class something I would benifit from, would they be able to motivate me after a gain following a week 100% on plan? Would I be able to attend maybe once every 2 weeks therefor cutting the cost in half or do you have to go every week? Would I be able to take my 2yr old son with me?

I'm really fed up with the way it is going and am not sure where to go from here. Maybe SW isn't the plan for me?:cry:
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Well done on your weight loss. I have just paid for my first ever countdown, and its really working for me. I have spent the money and someone else will weigh me. Its what I need. Dont be too hard on yourself xx


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I personally find that I wouldn't be able to do it on my own without going to class as it really is a motivator for me and it does seem a bit embarrassing putting on and having it read infront of everyone after doing so well the past few months (speaking about myself). My C is quite good like that and she even gives you house calls if she knows you are struggling. Don't give up!
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I read that you can sit in on any group for a week to check it out without joining - that way you can see if you think it would benefit you or not. You can take your little one too - I've got an 8 week old and been looking for info on the SW website as I'm trying to decide whether to join online or go to a class.

In my experience whether the class motivates you depends loads on how good the consultant is... if there's a few groups close to you it might be worth going to more than one to see how good they are and which suits you best.

Losing weight is so frustrating! I feel like i've been tackling the same 2 stone for years, but as long as its getting you down, its got to be worth it.

Sometimes a change of plan is what it takes?? They all work - its just about whats working for you at a particular time. Probably need to try to figure out where its falling down when you are having a gain??

Keep at it hun and good luck :)


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Please don't be fed up. Notice that you have already lost some weight.

Yes you can take a 2year old to class - but check with C as some people really don't like kids in the classes - so long as yours is well behaved. We have two babies in our class - everyone loves em to death.

You ahve to go every week - or, at least, pay every week. unless you work shifts and were unable to make class every week then they may take allowances.

Have you tried a WHOLE week of red? Have your tried a WHOLE week of green. Have your tried a WHOLE week of EE?

Do you eat enough? Are you having your syns?

Post us a food diary and we can have a nosey for you if that will help.

YOU ARE WORTH IT AND YOU CAN DO IT - let us know how you get on.

Gilly x
Hey!! I'm a but the sane as you chick. Two years or so ago, I lose over a stone, was doing well then went on Holiday, and lost it. For 2 years I kept dipping in and out, but never getting anywhere, trying all Sorts of plans but just losing and gaining the same stone ish!! Finally. I've decided to properly come back, heavier than I was at the beginning two years ago!!

I know how hard it can be when it's just too much, your motivation takes a knock with every biscuit you eat, which just makes you want another. You start every day feeling great, bur by mid morning you can't help but reach for the wispa or chocolate cake!! And when you do have the odd good day, it cancelled out by all the surrounding naughtiness and you dont lose!! We've all been there Hun, and most of us will admit we've let these things knock us off stride!! Some people are able to jump back on the next day, whereas people like me end up in a downward binge spiral!!

I know this doesn't sound at all motivational, but I want to show that you aren't alone, you're not a failure, and you're just human. I also want you to know that you CAN do it!!


Theres a line. Draw it under the last 9 months. Forget everything except for the fact that you CAN and HAVE done it before and CAN do it again.
Re-read your books, really get to know the plan. Do t take anybof your knowledge for granted, you may have forgotten bits/got confused.
Write a list of WHY you want to do it this time.
Plan some meals, even put yout plans on here for peoplento help out and give advice.
Write down EVERYTHING you eat/drink, even superfree stuff ( or things you're ashamed of.
Pop along to a group to see what they're about, failing that get the C's numbers off the web and give them a call.
If money's tight, some GP's will prescribe SW, which may help a little.
Can you re-jig your money to afford to gobto group?! I there something else you can forgo in order to fund your weight loss?!
If not, dont worry, re-explore the SW website as well as minimums. We all get stuck in a routine of using certain tools and checking certain forums, when perhaps the support we need is elsewhere.
If the emails from SW don't motivate you, simply post on here! There always some inspirational minimins around to five you a boot up the bum!!
Finally, relax! You didnt gain the weight overnight, so it ain't gonna disappear quickly! It's called a journey for a reason, sometimes we take the scenic route, but as long a we keep our goal in mind, and pick ourselves up after a blip, there's nothing stopping us getting there!!

Hope this helps chick, good luck, you CAN do it!!

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From what you've said it sounds to me like you do need the motivation of a class. Yes you can take your little one with you.

There are lots of threads on here about SW on a budget have a search & get some ideas. SW doesn't need to be expensive & can easily fit in with the whole family.;)


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Hi i know how you feel and left WW for exactly the same reason, finding the cash every month along with sts or gaining ( even tho my own fault) just didn't help me ! so I started SW on my own and so far so good ! I know i will weigh myself every week at the same time, I'm adding a diary on here which is like tracking !! I can stay at home woth my toddler and not worry about meeting's cash or anything !

The way i look at it is, I'm doing it myself it's free.. !! what would be the point of doing something for Free and not taking advantage of it ! if i didn't then i know i would put on the 1st i lost and i really dont want that to happen..

You are worth it.. organise yourself for a week and plan your meals I bet you'll get the results you want xx
Thanks everyone. Have had a chat with my Mum who also does SW and attends class. We are going to try having her weigh me every week for a month and see how I get on. If it works we will continue to do that if not I will have to see if I can juggle finances for a class as I definately can't do this on my own.I will have a look at some of the diaries on here for some insperation and am going to try and post my food diary on here to see if it helps and hopefully someone can point out where i'm going wrong. Please feel free to give me a virtual kick up the bum if you think I need it. Will explore the site a bit, is there a section for "diet buddies"? Maybe I should start one myself. I really appreciate all of your kind words, it's good to know that there are others out there that have the same problem (in the nicest way of course lol).New start tomorrow!

Thank you all again xx


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Good luck, and don;t stress about a diet buddy.

Just get a food diary set up and welly into the posts and discussions on here, if you need help ask. Shove a link to your diary in your signature too so it's easy for us to find ;)

Diet buddies might come and go, but regular enough posting should usually ensure you get replies and feedback :D


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On the subject of taking your toddler to group with you, we had 8 children in group yesterday, aged from 3-and-a-bit down to 6 weeks! So not a problem :)
Kerry - what about trying to mix things up abit. Like somebody mentioned about - try a red or green week.
Green are by far the cheepest days - trust me as I have done green for the last few weeks & can not believe the difference in my shopping bills !! I always stuck to red before & had lost almost every week, but green is keeping me in toe & like I said, very very cheap!

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