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Is it wrong to kick start with Dukan!

The others are far more expert with Dukan than I am, but here's my own personal opinion.

Whilst it would almost certainly work in the short-term if you did that, the whole thing about Dukan is that it is supposed to prepare you for keeping off that lost weight permanently. Also, the more diets you go on, the more difficult it will be in future for you to lose weight again as your metabolism will be compromised. Not only that, you will be more likely to put even more weight on than you lost.

Sorry to sound so alarmist, but it's best to know the risks. Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable will come along soon and be able to advise you better. :)
I would say (says she who knows almost nothing about dieting:eek:) that as long as you continue with all the stages (ie lose your 7 lb, then follow up with 35 days of conso over Christmas/New Year - so gala meals, etc - then carry on with stab or go back to cruise afterwards) then it's OK, you shouldn't put the weight back on. I know that officially it wouldn't be advised though as you are only *supposed* to do each stage once.

Then again, if we all had done as we were supposed to with regards to eating in the past, none of us would have reason to be here in the first place:eek:.

Hope someone with more knowledge/experience can help!


** Chief WITCH **
I would say, reading through the lines, that Bananarama would like to lose her 7lbs in order to be slim for Christmas (yep, I'd like that too), but only plans to lose the weight doing phases 1 and 2, not consolidate phase 3 or stabilise it with phase 4...

So my advice would be to stay well away... if you cut out carbs now for 11 days (that's all that's left - YIKES!!), then have a carb overload, the likelihoood is that you'll put the 3K straight back on with the water weight...

So I'd go for a healthier approach, in your position, and watch the calories while including carbs, say, at lunchtime. Cut down on fat. Cut out biscuits, cakes etc. and Up the exercise. And you'll lose 2-3lbs most likely by Christmas.
I agree with Jo. Yes you might lost 7lb before but one sniff of a roast tato and it will all be back on.


** Chief WITCH **
note to self: do NOT sniff any tatoes...
oh god ....dont im looking forward to sniffing and tasting mine and my honeyroast nips !!!


Not very good at this!
Today's confession - I have an empty chocolate box on my desk at work and if I am feeling naughty I open it up and have a good old sniff, much to my colleagues' amusement:D
Today's confession - I have an empty chocolate box on my desk at work and if I am feeling naughty I open it up and have a good old sniff, much to my colleagues' amusement:D
Great plan, Manda. How did the choc box get to be empty though?;)
I was planning on doing attack until Friday, then three days Pv and three days PP which will take me up to Christmas day. I am going to enjoy my christmas dinner of goose and lots of veg, and maybve a potato or two!!! then PP/ PV until New Years Day when I am having family round for turkey n all that comes with it! Once january starts I'll have no problem being good!
hun ...im doing dukan till xmas eve then off till the day after boxing day
im expecting to gain 7lb no more or i will cry then im hitting pp days after and hope that 2 to 3 weeks will see me right and i can then get back on the final run
When i started i went to a wedding and a couple of other things never seemed to put on more than 5 lb though
Am i really likey to put on 5-7lb after a few bad days? jesus? I've done attack before and only managed a few days on consolidation, and it's always been a few weeks before i had 5lb back on! and ive had a rough couple of months that involved LOADS of binge eating!
from experience :eek:

you're likely to gain however much you lose in attack stage over the first day or 2 out of keto....anymore days than that...and you can probably add 1-2lbs per day...depends what you're eating :) x
I think it depends on how easily you put on or lose weight in the first place.

In October/November, I had 10 days totally Dukan-free and ate (and drank) 'normal' food. Didn't binge, just ate what meals were put in front of me (I didn't do the cooking and was housesharing with people who weren't dieting) and knocked myself out a few evenings with a whisky (medicinal) and had a glass of wine if it was served with meals, etc.

This was one week into conso, I put on a kilo over those 10 days. Said kilo took a couple of weeks of normal conso to shift and the weight has been stable-ish since (am currently 100gr down on the weight I started conso at 2 months ago).

So, weight-wise, it may not be all doom and gloom. I expect to put on a wee bit myself over 24th/25th but won't overdo it and hopefully any gains will be cancelled out as before over the first couple of weeks in January - I'm planning on doing an extra couple of conso weeks just to be on the safe side.

Good luck - think we'll all need some to get through (while enjoying) the festive season.:)
yep every one is different i look at a cream cake and put on 2lb .....
I was actually looking at what were having for xmas today and too be honest i dont fancyt the stuffing or yorkshires dont like xmas cake or pudding enough to tohave to have it i will have a wee drink or 10 but doubt i will need a lot so im hoping except for the cheese feast and a few olives and chocolates i may not go too far over the top
you are soooooooooooo like me Tania :)....not fussed for all that stuff either...but the choccys are the downfall...

read on atkins forum....people are having diabetic choccys on xmas.....less sugar etc... could be an idea for thee and me :D x

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