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Is LL Lite for me?

Hi, all
I've just joined up with MiniMins, because I'm fed up with being fat :(
I need to lose as much weight as possible in 8 weeks, because that's when my OH comes home from Afghanistan. I'd like him to see the "real" me, currently hidden under 3 stone of "excess" me

I'm tempted by LL, because a guy I work with, albeit he's based in a different office, used LL last year, before a mega holiday, and lost 7 stone in about 5 months - and he's kept it off !!

Also, there just happens to be a LL consultant in the building where I work, and I have to pass her door twice a day, so there would be no room for excuses .. ;)

I'm 5 foot tall, and currently weigh in at just over 11 stone - eek !!!

I've tried to convince myself that it's my age (just about to hit the big 5 - oh ) and my metabolism slowing down, but it's not - it's comfort eating, and a lack of exercise

What I'm really asking is, is the hype really true - can I lose a lot of weight quickly, and keep it off by being sensible?

I think I would have to do LL Lite to begin with, as I can't commit beyond the next 8 weeks - but will be able to resume after 4 weeks, when the OH goes back out to Afghanistan. Would this be possible, sort of 2 months on, one off, back on for 3 months cycle, until I get to my goal?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated :)
Thank you in advance

Linda :)
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...we're sinking deeper.
With any extreme diet such as LL and LLLite - I wouldn't suggest having a month 'off'... it doesn't work that way. There is a 'reintroduction' to food programme at the end of these diets for a very good reason: Lite is still a VLCD - with 800 kcal per day intake. Your metabolism *WILL* slow down on such a plan, no matter what. If you don't reintroduce food very gradually at the end - your body will come out of 'preservation' mode and you may very well regain everything very quickly.

LL abstinence and Lite are not quick fixes, hence I wouldn't suggest 'coming off' them. You need to follow it through I believe with every intention until your goal.

In essence from your post, I don't believe your head is in the right place for such a diet at this time. You are saying that you need to lose weight for someone else. You believe that you are lost within. Well. You need to realise that the diet would be done for YOU! Only you. Your partner loves you no matter what you look like: we love someone for who they are INSIDE! Don't you agree? I know I certainly have gone through a great weight gain and weight loss with my partner: and we love each other the same. I know my OH found me beautiful when I was a size 22 as much as he finds me beautiful now as a size 10.
That is the first hurdle you must come across. You need to really ask yourself who the diet would be done for. List a whole bunch of reasons why. List a whole bunch of reasons against doing it. Hell, list the reasons why you would come 'off' for a month! Are they worth it?

I know I sound harsh: but this diet really is tough going. You honestly do have to stick it out 100%. You have to KNOW that this is what YOU want; the diet is never for anyone else. Same with anything in life. We have to do things for ourselves because we're worthy of our own respect too.

Take care dear... Hope this helps in some way towards a decision.
Hello Linda

I agree with Minerva,
LL is a fantastic way to lose weight, but it's not magic. It requires great determination and commitment. It does work, but your head has to be in the right place first. You can't dip in and out of it.
I am older than you. I've just turned 55 this week.
I have lost 12 stone with LL.

I didn't eat any food or drink anything but water, black coffee for 11 months.
That's how drastic it has to be to succeed. Are you ready for that? No quick fixes I'm afraid :sigh:
Hey Linda 98,

Check out my blog - I've lost 2stone 6lbs in 11 weeks, as the others say it works but you have to be determined - I used the same excuses as you, I hit the big 50 last year, but determination had paid off. You will get masses of support on here but you will have to put the effort in. Wishing you all the luck and strength you need,if you feel you don't have much strength at the moment you can borrow some of mine until you find yours. Good luck.
Ahhh, thanks for your replies :)
After doing a lot of research (and I mean a LOT), I decided on Cambridge
I've been on CD SS for 7 weeks now, 100%, and have lost 24 pounds
I'm prepared for Christmas, and will be stepping up for a few days to SS plus a small meal no carbs, then back down until my BMI is 25, when I have to start reintroducing food
It's going very well, and my goal is in sight :)

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