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is restarting tomorrow . . . .nail biting . . . . . .

hi guys. i did 2 weeks brilliantly then was at hospital with my daughter on monday and slipped and ever since havent managed to stick to the diet. but i have now resolved to start again at midnight tonight as the longer i put it off the more i will regain. i have gained must be 7lb by now so i am not impressed. just gotta think of ways to stick to it this time as i have to go to the hospital with my daughter next week again.
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You're doing the right thing getting back on the diet sooner rather than later. Sorry to hear about your daughter, we all know how hard it can be when things like that happen. Just draw a line under it. Yes you had a minor slip, but don't dwell on it and get back on the wagon 100% :) we all know you can do it!


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Hi Herts -- Most of your regain will be the water and glycogen you lost intially. And if you are SSing you should lose that in the first few days, be back in ketosis and start getting the fat off. So, no biggie... just get back at it and you'll be losing in no time.

I hope your daughter is better.

hey honey, good luck, u can do it :) xxx


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Well done for getting back on it. You've been going through a rough time with your daughter being poorly, so it's no surprise you had a bit of a slip.

You can do this. Remember to come on here whenever youare struggling - this forum really is great for keeping you on track!
hey thanks. as of midnight last night i have been ok lol. as i am not well now i just cant be dealing with eating so i'm not lol. on plus side i havent been in my granddads vehicle since before i started this diet and before i couldnt go in it as i couldnt do the seat belt up. its a stupid certain length one. soooo not for people who are big. and today i went in it to take my girls to nursery as i cant drive at present due to illness and i could do it up. slightly tight but didnt struggle to fit it in the hole which i used to have to do. :)


Why Be Normal?
Hi Herts --

That must be a good feeling... being able to do up the belt. In no time, you'll have to tighten it.

I hope you feel better soon.

hey herts i know that feeling well.
we went to get a new car last january and i intended on getting a vauxhall meriva but with much embarrassment i was unable to fasten the stupid passenger side seatbelt ( i dont drive myself ).
i was soooo humilated but bless the salesman, he was very understanding and tried to make me feel better by saying it must be faulty.
so we tried the vauxhall zafira which fit 'just' if i gained another stone i doubt it would fit .... soooo worrying when car seatbelts wont fit.
not for long tho. we will both be sliding around in cars seats before we know it ;)
hey all. sadly i am unabe to do the total diet as i now on steriods and anti biotics as i have chest infection again. but i only have to have 2 pieces of chicken a day. so i should be ok. although wont be as much as usual each week but it should be something.
Hi Herts --

I doubt that little amount of chicken will affect your losses. Studies show that a person will the lose the same on 800ish calories a day as they will on a VLCD. This is because on a VLCD your metabolism will slow right down to conserve all energy.

Good Luck and sorry you are unwell.

thanks mm and mrs taurus. i hope i lose weight. i am barely eating as it is. i am having smaller portions than my 2 and 4 yr old haha. so hopefully when i am well i will be pleasently surprised at a possible loss. :)

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