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Is SW the way to go?


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Hello :)

I have been messing about with my weight loss for so long, I bought the latest SW magazine last week and have decided to try it. The only thing is it looks really confusing.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 16st 12lb, nearly 17 stone :( I can't believe i've let myself gain so much weight. My hubby and I are trying for a baby and my weight isn't helping things. The doctor has assured me that my weight isn't such an issue (as I was this weight when I had ds) but I feel so old and tired.

I know i'm asking this question on a SW forum, but do you all think SW is a good choice? I have tried ww and I was so hungry all the time.

I'd be really grateful for your opinions.


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You have a similar amount of weight to lose as I did when I started SW, Im just over 4 months into it and three stone down already and Ive actually enjoyed it! Its not complicated at all and I for one dont weigh a thing, (I know some things I should - i.e cheese, but hey ho its working for me) Id say give it a go, you've got nothing to lose - but the weight! I cant compare it to any other diet as this is the first time Ive ever tried to lose weight - gawd knows why I dint try til I reached such a colossal weight! Good luck with whatever you decide! xxx
We are all different and therefore SW will suit some but not others. I have tried WW, SW, RC, CD, Gi, Atkins, you name it and I find SW suits me best. You are never ever hungry, you can eat lots of fruit and veg, and you can have treats everyday as you can have 'syns'. I hate processed foods and microwave meals and prefer to cook from scratch so SW suits me. Ive recently stopped drinking alcohol and I dont eat chocolates and cakes so I can use my 'syns' wisely.
Try it for a few weeks and see how you get on, thats the only way to find out but you have to stick to it for it to work. I find SW easier than WW - once yoou get your head around it - its a doddle.


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I eat and eat all day and have NEVER felt hungry not once! I keep the tummy topped up with fruit with Muller light yoghurt on when required. Fill yourself with the free stuff and add a few healthy extras (2 slice wholemeal bread...porridge etc) and have a few syns to keep you sane (quavers my faves!) I will tell you if I had a pound for eveyone who've said I looked well I would have £23 saved in the 4 weeks!!!
Its hard i know hun trying to lose weight. I am off the wagon but put on a pair of trousers today that were lose 2 weeks ago and today they were tight :cry:
Give SW a whirl, i dont know wether to give WW a try just because ive got brain freeze with SW.
What ever happens i wishyou all the luck hun

Good luck chin up and stick at it.

Ruthy xxx
Thanks to whoever sent me rep.....leave your name though so i can thank you personally.

Ruthy xxx


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you will never be hungry on slimming world as there is always something you can eat. also i dont know where you live but in suffolk if you are over a certain weight your doctor can give you a 12 week course for slimming world so its worth finding out. good luck on which ever one you decide on doingxx
Yeah - ta for my rep too. You're not planning on deserting us are you Ruthy? x
Thanks Starlight, i am thinking of trying it for a kick start, my heart is with SW but who knows, Rainbow your not going to get rid of me that easiliy!
Im just bored at the moment, im just going to have a look at where the nearest WW is just to get the info, then ill give it a go,
My body has just got bored with the diet.

Ruthy xxx


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SW does look a little complicated of you just look at it in a book or magazine but once the consultant explains it it's really easy and you can do it without really thinking about it.

Ruthy, when I was in a SW brain freeze a few months before my wedding I switched to SF for a few months for a change of scenery. Not only did it unfreeze my dieting brain but it made me really appreciate the freedom of SW and I was really looking forward to the day I went back on it. A short term change will help you out of a rut

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