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Is that normal?


Still rockin' it
Hi Sabina

It is normal for our weight loss to occasionally slow down- this can be to do with periods, stress, bloating and other physical reasons.

It may also be worth checking to see that you are doing SW 100%. It is very easy to stop weighing food and 'guessing' and forgetting to count the odd blob of ketchup or spoonful of sugar- it all adds up.

It may be worth going back to basics and writing everything down and measuring things again- it could be something simple that you are forgetting to syn.

Well done on your fantasic loss so far too

Mrs V

Loves Life!
I agree...keeping a food diary will definitely keep you focused on what you are eating, as things suddenly get over looked when you have been on plan for a while.
Well done so far though!


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Hi again,
I writ down my food diary every day and measure the food for HE and syns. Even I've tried to reduce my syns from 10 to 5 per day, but it had not any result. It may be some stress, because I had radical hysterectomy due to cervical cancer on April. After that for a month I've lost half stone and when I start again to back for normal life the loosing stopped.


Still rockin' it
I'm not too sure how surgery would effect your loss, but assume that something this radical could have an effect.

I think maybe you should stick with the 10 syns per day- sometimes by eating less we actually put our bodies in 'starvation' mode and it will retain fat stores more.

I really think it is a temproray blip- and you will soon be back on track if you have been so commited already despite your horrible surgery.

Stick with it Sabina and well done on being so determined despite your horrible illness- what an inspiration you are!!
If you are keeping your diary, you could post it on here just so someone can double check nothing is being overlooked in error. Providing that is ok, then just hang in there darling and it should start moving again. It hasn't been so long since your surgery so maybe the body is just adjusting itself. Good luck.


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Thank you very much, may be I really have to start my diary here. The problem is I am foreigner and my writing is not very good, but may be this is good experience in the writing too. I'll think about it.
well good luck, i am sure that since you had the surgery, there will be a major effect on the body and hormones which would contribute to your not losing. But just keep up the good work. And practicing writing will always be a help. =-)


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Sabina, your English is great! Don't worry about that.

Sometimes our body just gets stuck for a while and then starts losing again. I'm with cocktailprincess - keep with the 10 syns a day and I'm sure you'll start losing soon.

Hope you enjoyed your swim.

I've just come back from the swimming pool. Is so nice to swim in this hot weather. Thank you girls for encouraging me. I’ll keep going on.


A moaning old boot!!!!
I agree with what everybody else says. I do think it is maybe your body still adjusting after your surgery. Give it time and stick with it, everything will start moving again.
Well done for going swimming, its a great feeling isn't it.
Well done on your weight loss so far too, you have done BRILLIANTLY!!!!!! x x x x


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Are you on any new medication? That could be doing it.
[FONT=&quot]No, I haven't got to take any medication. The surgery was successful and now I am clear from cancer. I only needed to recover from the operation[/FONT]
I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and I have found it harder to lose weight since then. Did you keep your ovaries or go straight on to HRT ? Your hormones could well be out of balance for a few months and this can affect your weight loss.
Keep at it though, you have done great so far and it will pay off in the end x


Starting Again!
I agree with everything that has been said. Make sure you are drinking enough water, you should have atleast 2 litres a day and even more in this hot weather as the body holds on to water and you need water to move water!
Hope that makes sense.

Natt xxx
Hi Sabina,

I agree with all the posts above i also think that doing light exercise will also help a great deal it will get the your metabolism fired up.
Good Luck and stick at it :)


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