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is there a way to work out syns?


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My consultant reckons that if you are out and about and very stuck, you could look at calories and count 1 syn for every 20 cals. Obviously this is inaccurate (as it doesn't count free food or fibre etc etc), but it can sure put you off stuff if you are about to reach for something you shouldn't!


loves food and cooking
yes, but probably desparately inaccurate :eek:

does this help op?

Quorn Beef Style & Ale Pudding, chilled 195g pack

Original 19½ Syns Green 19½ Syns

Quorn Mince & Onion Pudding, chilled 195g pack

Original 20 Syns Green 20 Syns


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Kim,how did you get on? did you eat it?
I really enjoy the mince and onion quorn pudding but have not had one since starting coz I know I can only really have half of it @10syns so waiting for someone to come for tea so they share it with me. MMmmmm with mash and carrots and greens with gravy.


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blimey i didnt think it would be that many syns!! I bought one yesterday but I haven't had it... and won't be!
I didnt know I could check syns online.. I'm not a member i don't go to the meetings I juts have the books so I didn't think i'd be able to go online


loves food and cooking
I haven't seen the pies you are talking about, but it does seem a lot for a quorn product - Is it big enough to have half and count as 10 or do you have someone else you can feed it to?

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