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I have only been on the diet for a couple of days, but i am so hungry, is there nothing, and i mean nothing that i can do to help me though this, I need to eat, I need a bar, or, just sanything, I'm not working werll all I am thinking about is food! Im not in ketosis yet, but I am only on my second day, and last night, i could have diesd for a bit of cheese!
I feel for you and remember this stage well.

I was so hungry I could have eaten anything that wasn't nailed down but you will only prolong the situation if you eat. It sounds harsh but the truth is, the only thing to do is to drink water, keep busy and do your best to ignore the rumblings and pangs.

Once you're in ketosis, it DOES get easier and soon this phase will be a distant memory. And of course, once you get on those scales and your jaw hits the floor with the fabulous results, you'll be glad you stuck with it.

Be strong! We're all there with you in spirit!
You poor thing!! The first few days are the hardest but if you can get through it it will all be worth while. Try drinking alot of water and maybe go for a walk, put music on, read a book or have a bath. Just do anything to take your mind off food!! Or even have another pack. You will get through this awful time and before you know it you will be in day 4-5 and feeling wonderful. The blanket of ketosis will be covering you soon.
Just hang in there and keep posting!!
its all true! the first few days are hell but if u eat anything at all it will prevent ketosis. you need to be in keto state so please try to find distractions and drink more water (even if u feel like u r already drowning!)

once you are in ketosis you will be full of energy and feeling great. i know not eating any food sounds like it will be and stay hellish but its really not true. just a couple of days from now u will be feeling fab if u restrain yourself from eating.

i know its hell...we've all been there but stick it out and u will be so chuffed with how great u r doing and feeling.

good luck

Lots and lots of water.....
Nice bubble bath.....
Good book.....
Early nights.....
That's my programme for this evening! I couldn't sleep last night which was the end of my day 1. So I'm pretty whacked today but when I get in the above is ALL I'm doing.
Early nights and soaks in the bath, coupled with a good book thats easy to read make the first couple of evenings go by quicker.
Good luck hun xxx
good plan clucks!

nice bit of pampering makes u remember u r worth losing the weight for. enjoy ur night of indulgence!!

I am on day 6 so I remember that feeling well. The way I delt with it was to have a hot soak with bubbles. On the second day I had three of them!!!! Another good one is to hoover, if your at home that is, it's also a good gentle excersise. I know this all sound ridiculous and you will think "that wont work" but it does, try an get involved in something and you will forget all about the hunger pangs for a while. They will kick in again but you just have to find something to do. My water bottle was continually at my lips, that helped too.

Tomorrow should be much easier for you. The third day i actually woke up and felt like i had lost some weight and didn't feel hungry, that spurred me on.

You can get through this and you will, this is the hardest day, if you can manage today you will sail through!!

Let us know how you get on.

Toots xx
I feel for you. I was in the same position a week ago. It is true though it does pass. I am not hungry drinking 6 litres a day and have so much energy its untrue.

If I felt hungry I drank water.

Just get through the next couple of days and you will honestly forget how you are feeling now. It is a good incentive not to waiver once in Ketosis as if you eat then you have to go through all this again!!

Good luck and hope you feel much happier soon

I'm on day 7 and I can promise that it does get better.

I split my shakes/soups in half so that I can have six small drinks per day instead of three big ones and I find this a lot easier - the gaps between the food aren't so big. Maybe you'd find this helpful?

Good luck and stick with it - it really is worth it and you'll feel much better soon!! :)
This is so brilliant all these words of wisdom, makes me really feel like i'm not the only one! Last night, i was in the fridge(end of my first day) just looking at the cheese! In fact I even cut a slice off, and just kinda licked it! I know sounds horrid,l but i was desperate, anyway, prompty realised that I was a fool, and therew it in the bin, today has been easier, 2nd day, but i have had some prob;ems with feeling sick, even ddown to running to the toilet to throw up, dut didnt quite!

Gosh I hope it is easier tomorrow!

Thanks you so much for all the support
Mungo, I felt nauseous in the first few days as well... in fact I think it may have been off and on for the first couple weeks... but it DID fade... my hunger was gone after a couple of days.

Do you live alone? If so, empty the house of everything food-wise that's tempting to you.

The first couple days you're still thinking in the non-diet mindset... ya know? The first day I got home from work and was very very hungry, and immediately went for a plate of spag boll that was left on the worktop. Only realised when I picked up the fork that I wasnt allowed to do that anymore.

That was truly the first and only time that happened, because after the first few days/week I was totally in the zone with the diet. You'll get there too, not long now!
Hey Mungo

Stick to it it gets better and get glued onto this site, this really helped me in my first few days. I am on day 6 and feel fine and not hungry at all. I am struggling to eat all my packs as I get so busy and forget to make them, I usually have 1 in the morning and 3 at night!!!

All advice given so far is great, baths, books walks - try them all. I went for a 45 min walk yesturday in the wind & rain (I havn't walked anywhere in 2 yrs! !! lol) It was great, nearly killed me mind you at the time, but I felt so much better for it. Weirdly I wanted to do it, it was not a chore & I actually enjoyted the fresh air.

You can do this - just beleive it - go to bed early tonight and then thats one more day under your belt. It gets easier.
Hi Mungo

I have to say Marigold Boullion really helped me - its like the savoury drink and won't throw you out of Ketosis. I remember climbing the wall one day but a big Mug of that and half an hour for it to take effect really helped me.

You can get though this - I promise you will not die of starvation. What is it with Cheese? I too still have Cheese Dreams - ahhhhhhhh for some Brie. After 10 weeks abstaining I had a little cheddar of Christmas and you know what it was a real anti-climax. Certainly not worth giving up your slim dreams for.

Day 2 nearly over!
Cheese, cheese - it goes with everything!
White wine, red wine, port, biscuits grapes Bread!!!
I love cheese & had to make OH 2 x cheese & onion sandwiches for his packed lunch last night!!!!!!
And Marigold Boullion deffo wont push me of ketosis? Hmm, what is it that resets the 'ketosis clock'? Is it carbs or sugars or fat or calories? Why will the Boullion not push me out?
To be honest mungo, until you're FIRMLY established in ketosis, I wouldn't have ANYTHING outside what your CDC recommends ... basically your packs and water (and lots of it!)

I just wouldn't gamble. I know it's hard but it'll be worth it - honest!
Carbs and citric acid will definitely knock you out of ketosis.

Having said that, MB is not officially allowed on any of the vlcds - people just use it in the hope that it'll help them through and take the risk that it doesn't spark off cravings. I personally love it - the problem is that it's 22% salt which makes me retain water like a sponge!

CD do their own, salt-reduced version. LL's version is identical to MB but masses more expensive.

If it helps you stay on the wagon, then try it, but it's not official and be prepared to have your weight loss slow down.

To be honest mungo, until you're FIRMLY established in ketosis, I wouldn't have ANYTHING outside what your CDC recommends ... basically your packs and water (and lots of it!)

I just wouldn't gamble. I know it's hard but it'll be worth it - honest!

I totally agree, Debbie - it just isn't worth delaying ketosis or risking it by fiddling about with the guidelines.

I speak from experience - I was knocked out of ketosis recently by a rather large diet coke. I got cocky and thought I could get away with it. That led to several weeks of bingeing!!!

Not good!
To be honest mungo, until you're FIRMLY established in ketosis, I wouldn't have ANYTHING outside what your CDC recommends ... basically your packs and water (and lots of it!)

I just wouldn't gamble. I know it's hard but it'll be worth it - honest!

Sorry - I didn't realise you were on LL ... ditto that post but change it for LLC! ;)