Is there ever a right time?


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Is there ever really a right time to restart CD? I came off it over Christmas & am struggling to get back on SS, I've writen more about why on my blog.

Did you have a 'right time' or did you 'just do it'?
hey right time is when i get that bloated and sick with myself for bingeing that i need that hollow inside feeling..unfortunately i have yo yo'ed somewhat..never put more than about a stone back on but boy has it gone back quickly..Restarted on 2nd jan and set my goal as 9st 7 instead of 10st 7 to try to keep my motivated..i think when youve lost a bit, like 4st and youre feeling ok in size 14s you can become complacent and soon get back into your 16s...18s...etc...dont get me wrong a size 14 is fabulous but im not convinced i can stay in it long..i need a bit more time to think and prepare for eating..sensibly this time! What a blinking ramble...apologies prob not what you wanted to hear but you will know when its right to restart..and you have to do it for you....also when i know that i have loads of clothes that dont fit is the right time!!! I have size 12 from the summer that id love to get back into...good luck on your restart journey...;)
hi, nice too me you!, I have had two weeks off ss for christmas and had pigged out bigtime I have not even weighed myself too see what damage I have done, however last night i eat everything that I fancied, and drank champange!, then thew away all christmas left overs or bagged them up and popped them out of my reach and told myself i would ss today

I have ss all day and am feeling a little tempted, thats whyb I am online but no I dont think there is a perfect time to re start the best time is to be focused and just do it..........
good luck with ss
kim x
Thank you.

I've decided to start again tomorrow. I've been trying to convince my husband to join me, he wont do CD but is planning to start slimfast on Monday so hopefully we will both be shrinking soon!
Hi Anna

I too struggled to get back to SS after the christmas holiday. Not because I felt hungry, but more for the motions of eating. I just decided to get straight back onto it before I got too used to food and pile on the weight. Being back at work helps tremendously - I don't have to think about food just tetra packs and water.

Twice this week I walked towards the chinese and chip shop determined to buy, but managed to steer myself away for a soup at home.

I am finding that I am re-establishing the reasons I wanted to lose weight and setting weight and personal goals to encourage me to continue.

I wish you all the best as you restart CD.