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is there such a thing as 'free food'



Taking the Scenic Route..
Tina, im exactly the same hun...
My blip last week was a 1night turned all weeker! :eek: Lucky for me i still lost.

You have done great! Looking at your losses :D Your stats pretty much answered my "dress size question" thread... you seem to have lost a dress size for each stone? Well done you!!!!!

What do you eat on an average day if you dont mind me asking? :) xxx
Hi, thank you. It wasn't till i read your thread i realised that was what i had done. So thank you for making me look at it in this way. Lol what do i eat, maybe not the best time to ask due to my almost 8 week blip.I put on 5 lbs! So silly when i had finally got to 14 stones dead.
I knew the summer holidays would be hard as the routine goes out the window and there is not so much an empathise on time as there is during the school term time,well for me any way.Also i had my sisters wedding to organise as well as my own outfit (size 16 top and bottom,brilliant,lol) and then my childrens . Made partner wear his old suit ,lol. Before you feel sorry for him i bought him two new shirts, one for the morning and then a clean one for the evening,lol.

I have just started to use the myfittnesspal which is really good for calorie counting. Although it is early days, i have found it hard to get remotivated. I started last Monday and then due to feeling cold all the time went very bad on Friday (2x the most yummy doughnuts and a very naughty pk of crisps plus another 2.) i never eat crisps but cause my partner eats them they were the only things in the house.

Before the blip, i was mostly eating,2 Weetabix for breakfast and a Muller Light Yogurt. Two wraps with chicken and salad. a WW meal and lots of veg or a stir fry with chicken. Then a bowl of 2 or 3 large snack a jacks (broken in to smaller pieces, it worked for me lol).
I also made a few soups from fresh vegetables , these are yummy as well.
I hope this helps, there is brilliant thread on here which someone has shared their own recipes but can't think of who it is at the mo. xx


Taking the Scenic Route..
Thanks Tina, you really have done briliiantly! And tbh, an 8week blip and only 5lbs gain? :eek: I could gain that in a 2wk blip! haha
That will be off in no time at all.
Glad you are back on the wagon so to speak! And well on your way to a size 12 xmas dress ;)

Congrats to your sis...and your size 16 outfit :p

Wish you all the best!
Ohh recipe thread i believe was started by Kes :rolleyes: xxx

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