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Is this a suitable alternative?



Starting Again!
Who makes it and I'll check the book. I'm not sure it'd be free tbh. Frylight is free as it is 1 calorie per spray and has low amounts of saturated fats. Its 50/50 and I don't want to be the one who ruins you good intentions!


Still rockin' it
The Aarhus one is free, Fillipo Berrio is 1 syn per 4 sprays, Napolina is 2 syns per 7.5ml serving (don't know how you measure that though!!!!)

So it depends which make you have

Thanks! It is the Pillopo one and will sin it, much prefer it to Frylight :)
Yes! Although if you're using a whole bottle in one go or removing the cap with your teeth and pouring it over your food then I don't think it would be free! ;)
lol i have not gone that far yet! i probably use about 20 sprays when I cook stuff, but thats for me and my partner, so 10 sprays, 10 cals not bad compared to how much oil I used to pour over my food lol!! was so shocked when I read the calories in it!!

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