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Is this an ok way to use syns?


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Just wanted a general opinion on the way I've been using my syns. My weak time is the weekend, as that is when I like to have a drink and sometimes get a craving to snack. So far with SW, I have used very few syns during the week, perhaps 2-6 a day for things like mayonnaise. But on friday and saturday I tend to have maybe 20-25, using my allowance as well as some of the extra I've saved during the week.

Is this ok? I'm only wondering because my consultant is wary of saving syns for weekend binging as she says some people are not disciplined enough to make it work. I've calculated that for both of my 2 weeks at SW I haven't gone over my weekly allowance, so does this sound ok?
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When i did SW a few years ago and went to class lots of people did this, (i think they were all alkies!) hehe.....consultant said as long as they are not doing it every weekend its fine. Your syns are there to use so if you save them every day and have a good weekend, as long as you dont go silly and eat take aways every night i dont see there being a major prob as long as you dont go over. x
I am no expert but I would say whatever works for you! This is meant to be something we can do for the rest of our lives so you need to make it something that can be sustainable. As long as the weight is coming off it's working! Good luck :)


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Well said nat26. I totally agree. As long as you are sticking to the plan and it's working for you, I think it's fine. If however the plan is starting to get stretched with a few extra syns here and there I would want to think again but if it works for you, do it.

Gail x

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I've done pretty much that since I started sw and it's not caused me any problems x


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I use most of my syns on a saturday every week (50ish) for a couple of drinks and a takeaway. I might have lost more quickly if I didn't do that, but personally it keeps me sane and on the straight and narrow if I can indulge myself a bit while still being on plan. Whatever works for you!
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I always have about 30-50 syns on a Saturday night on wine & chocs. SW has to fit in with my life otherwise I won't stick to it.

I save the choccie wrappers & always count my syns on a Sunday morning to make sure I don't go over during the week, I never guess how many syns I've had.


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I start my week with 105 syns (15 per day) and knock them off as i go along x
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I'm with jaxmummy, I start at 105 and work backwards. My weigh in is on a Thursday and I pretty much always have 20 on a Friday/Saturday, just so I feel that I can still have the things I like - just a little more than usual :p

I tend to stick to 10 syns a day Sunday to Wednesday! If you're still getting losses, I wouldn't worry too much :)
As long as you are losing its fine. As i weigh in on a tuesday i tend not to fo this - too scared that i will feel deprived the 3 days before the weekend, and also then for the days before weigh in. So what i do is check on a saturday for what syns i haven't used yet, and use those, along with that days to have a drink. Like tonight i have 30 syns to play with doing this. This way i'm not borrowing any from the next 3 days. I don't often eat take aways at the weekend ( usually reserved for cooking disastrr days :)) but if i do i tend to stick to chicken shish kebab, tandoori grilled meat, or chicken chow mein - all within my normal daily syn count.


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Thanks everyone, pleased to hear that it doesn't sound like I'm doing anything wrong! I used 20 syns last night and 20 tonight, which was actually quite good. As someone else said, the diet needs to accommodate things you enjoy or else it would be too hard to stick to. I always enjoy a few drinks on friday and saturday nights but rarely feel the need to have treats during the week, so think I will stick to the way I've been doing it. Fortunately my weigh in day is thursday, so I have plenty of time to work off any weekend effects!! :)

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